How Much Does Dental Veneers Cost & What’s the Recovery Time?

dental vaneers

 The researches have been conducted in the field of dentistry for a long time to find the non-invasive methods that may help in dental protection. Great progress has been made by finding the procedure of dental veneers. If you are not happy with your existing smile and want to make it more beautiful, then veneers can be the best option for you. However, you must be concerned about the cost and recovery time of dental veneers.

Therefore, we have decided to help you out by providing credible information in this regard so that you can make a decision wisely. Read this article till the end to get your answers!

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers

Basically, dental veneers act as a shield that is used to protect the external surface of your tooth. They are specifically designed in a way that enhances the shape and color of your teeth as well as protects them. Furthermore, if your front or any other tooth is damaged then the veneers cover it in a way that it would seem original.

Dental Veneers Cost

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by the patients as they are curious to know the cost. Affordability is the main aspect of getting a procedure. However, the cost may vary from person to person because a number of factors play their role in deciding the cost. Have a look at the following factors:

  • The expertise of your selected surgeon as the fee depends on the skills.
  • The technical and artistic skills of both the ceramist and the dentist.
  • Location is another considerable factor. As Dubai is considered a hub of aesthetic treatments.
  • Another factor that plays its part in cost, is the selection of the type of veneers.
  • The quality of material that is being used.
  • The number of teeth that require treatment.

However, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we are providing high-quality procedures with special discounts occasionally. We do care about our customers, this is the reason that we want to serve them with the best.

Recovery Time

Recovery and results matter a lot when you get any treatment. The recovery procedure can be easy and best for you if you follow the instructions of your surgeon accordingly. It also allows you to get the best possible results.

  • Veneers are durable for a number of years when you get them done by an expert and reliable surgeon. Dental cleanings, keeping yourself hygienic, and going for regular examinations are the important aspects for the maintenance of your oral health and restoration of the veneers. You need to be very careful. Don’t chew or chip anything from that specific teeth. Avoid biting or chewing hard objects such as bones and nutshells. Furthermore, don’t tear or open a package by using your teeth. Furthermore, ask your dentist if there are any specific instructions for you.
  • Also, make it your habit to floss and brush your teeth on a regular basis. Furthermore, select your toothbrush and toothpaste wisely. If you are drinking coffee, soda, tea, or red wine, then brushing is recommended.

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In short, dental veneers are the perfect option to get a flawless smile. Still, if you have questions in your mind then feel free to contact us anytime or visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic today. All of our surgeons and dentists are board-certified and highly expert. They are always there to serve you with their professional services. Simply fill the form to book your appointment and get an initial consultation.