An Insight into Teeth Whitening Treatment

teeth whitening

Thousands of people around the world experience teeth discoloration which is a common dental condition where teeth start becoming yellow. It occurs due to excessive consumption of caffeine beverages, unhygienic dental habits, and genetics. Teeth discoloration can be very embarrassing for people especially while smiling. You will hesitate while smiling because you want to hide your yellow teeth. It will negatively impact your confidence too. However, it is now possible to regain your pearly white teeth. A cosmetic dental treatment known as Teeth Whitening can help you in turning your yellow teeth white. 

By undergoing the teeth whitening procedure, you can transform your smile as well. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of the whitening procedure to learn about its significant details. 

How is teeth whitening performed?

There are two common ways to perform teeth whitening procedure which include;

  • Laser teeth whitening 
  • Zoom teeth whitening 

Zoom teeth whitening is a quick and effective way to get a bright smile. It has no downtime and the procedure can be performed in a lunch break too.

How is zoom teeth whitening performed?

Zoom teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that can only be performed by a dentist at a dental clinic because it requires specialized equipment. Before performing the procedure, your dentist will examine your oral health and teeth thoroughly to check your candidacy for the procedure.

After that, zoom teeth whitening is performed in the following way;

  • First of all, teeth are cleaned to ensure the success of the procedure.
  • Then a special device is used that covers the lips and gums and only exposes teeth.
  • After that Zoom whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a unique zoom light is applied to that gel on your teeth. Both these components work simultaneously to break the stains on teeth by infiltrating them.
  • The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes during which you can relax. You will need at least 3 cycles (15 min each) of teeth whitening procedure to get the desired results. Zoom gel is applied to each cycle. Altogether, teeth whitening takes almost an hour to complete.
  • After the completion of whitening cycles, a fluoride gel is applied to the teeth to minimize the sensitivity and increase the strength of enamel. 

How to maintain the results of Zoom teeth whitening? 

You can prolong the results of zoom teeth whitening by following the instructions of your dentist. You will have to avoid certain foods and drinks that normally stain your teeth for the initial two days. You will be advised to use certain kinds of toothpaste that contain special whitening ingredients. It will help in maintaining the effects of teeth whitening for a longer time. However, do not skip or forget your regular dental checkups and maintain good oral hygiene. In this way, you can enjoy sparkling white teeth and a brighter smile. 

Why is it important to get teeth whitening?

Does it feel good to have dull or discolored teeth? Obviously no. Every person wishes to have white teeth that can complement their smile. It is only possible when you opt for an effective teeth whitening procedure which is zoom teeth whitening. It will not only clean your teeth but will also improve their appearance. You will also get a boost in your confidence. 

Is teeth whitening right for me?

No matter how appropriate you think a treatment is for you, do not opt for it without consulting with an expert. Teeth whitening is undoubtedly a low-risk procedure and is suitable for a wide range of patients but still, professional advice is needed. Not every candidate is an ideal candidate for the procedure so it’s essential to get your teeth examined by a dentist first. A dentist knows if your teeth can endure the treatment or not. 

The most suitable candidates for teeth whitening are the ones who have mild to moderate discoloration. However, if you have restorations or fabrications on the front teeth, you might not be a good candidate for teeth whitening because restorative material does not respond well to the bleaching agents. Also, if you have severe tooth sensitivity or worn-out enamel, you are not the right candidate for teeth whitening. Because teeth whitening can exacerbate such dental conditions. Similarly, people with TMD are also not suitable candidates for the teeth whitening procedure.

The Bottom Line 

Teeth whitening is a very beneficial procedure that can restore your confidence by giving you bright white teeth and a contagious smile. However, you need to consult with an expert before deciding anything. You can consult with the dental surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for expert advice. All you need to do is, fill in the consultation form given below and we will book your appointment right away.