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Woman Lost 15 Pounds—From a Breast Reduction

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Woman Lost 15 Pounds

Breast augmentation is quite a famous procedure these days but sometimes having big breasts becomes very uncomforting and debilitating. Excessively big and heavy breasts not only affect your appearance but also become the reason of some unbearable conditions like neck and back pain. There are lots of examples of such women who undergo the procedure of breast reduction surgery and report significant improvement in the quality of their lives. Here we will come to know how breast reduction surgery improved the life of woman who lost 15 pounds after undergoing the procedure.

Kerisha Marks is the woman who is enjoying her new appearance and improved quality of life after undergoing breast reduction surgery. Her breasts started becoming large due to some hormonal issues in her thirties and constant increase in the size resulted in the size she had before undergoing breast reduction. Excessively large, bulky and heavy breasts were extremely debilitating for her. The weight of her breasts was taking an undeniable toll on both of the emotional as well as physical aspects of her life. The comments from the strangers about the size of her breasts were hurtful and the weight and size of her breasts became the reason of discomfort, migraines and back spasms also. Her breasts also restricted her to exercise. In order to get rid of all these conditions, she planned to get the size and weight of her breasts reduced through breast reduction.

A couple of weeks ago, at her fortieth birthday, Kerisha Marks booked an appointment with a renowned plastic surgeon in Texas. She assumed that she just had large breasts but her surgeon diagnosed gigantomastia, a condition occurring in both men and women in which massive overgrowth of breast tissues occurs. She underwent the procedure of breast reduction surgery and got rid of 15 pounds of weight during this procedure. Breast reduction surgery involves making incisions, removing excess breast tissues and then closing the incisions. The procedure requires proper care and time period of few weeks for recovery but results in desired results.

Kerisha Marks reports that several weeks after the procedure, she felt amazing about her appearance. Adding to this, the procedure greatly improved the overall quality of her life as she had no pain or discomfort. She returned to her life happily and now she feels that her decision was right with 100 percent of surety.

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