Why Should You Go For Ear Surgery?

Ear Surgery

Different facial features have an impact on one’s overall appearance. Just about everyone has a facial aspect that they find less than perfect and hope it was different. It can be the shape of the nose, a small chin, drooping eyelids, or small or fuller lips. However, one of the features often overlooked are the ears. The shape of one’s ears affects the overall appearance quite significantly without one realizing it.

There can be several appearance-related issues with one’s ears resulting from an accident or a congenital defect. It can lead to a person being bullied or feeling a little less confident. Some procedures are available, including ear surgery, to correct ear-related issues and boost one’s overall persona. Let’s dig in a bit further to understand better.

Problems Associated with Prominent Ears

The first step to get treatment is to understand the problem. Problems commonly associated with the ears’ shape include Microtia, Cauliflower ear, earring injuries, protruding ears, ear defects from cancer surgery, stretched earlobes, etc. Otoplasty is an ideal solution to correct these issues.

Why Should You Go For Ear Surgery?


What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty refers to a surgical cosmetic procedure to correct the deformities of the ears. The procedure can be used to reshape or resize the ears with congenital defects and reconstructive purposes, resulting from a traumatic event.

Ideal Candidates for Otoplasty

Apart from having an ear deformity that needs to be corrected, a person seeking otoplasty should generally be in good health. The minimum age for the procedure is four to five years, allowing the ears to fully form before correction. Anyone seeking this treatment should also not be an active smoker since smoking hinders the healing process.

The Procedure

The procedure varies based on the given ear condition. Typically the surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia. It can be either local or general, based on the patient’s needs. Incisions are made in the area to be treated. In some cases, cartilage is reduced though other actions can also be taken. Once the surgeon has made the necessary changes, the incisions are stitched.

Post-Treatment Care

There will be some discomfort after the treatment, and the ear will be swollen and red for a couple of weeks. You must consume the prescribed medication from the surgeon. Application of ointment for the first ten days after the treatment is usually recommended. The dressing may need to be changed a few times. Be sure to get ample rest to recover from the treatment quickly.


Correcting any issues related to your ear’s appearance can enhance your overall persona. It can also boost your confidence that others may have damaged by rude and insensitive comments. Otoplasty is most certainly worth a shot, with the results speaking for themselves.

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