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Why Get a Face Lift?

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Why Get a Face Lift

Our face is the most important and most prominent part that has a great impact on our whole aesthetic appearance. Refreshed and youthful facial appearance adds in our personality and makes us look more attractive and beautiful. However, unfortunately, our facial appearance does not remain the same throughout our lives. Natural aging process is the main factor that becomes the reason of appearance of lines and wrinkles, sagginess and fallen or disappeared fat. Some other factors like sun exposure and unhealthy routine also become the reasons. Facelift surgery is perfect procedure for improving the visible signs of aging on your face resulting in more youthful and refreshed facial appearance. There is variety of reasons for undergoing facelift surgery.

Facelift surgery is the surgical procedure that enhances facial appearance by improving visible signs of aging on face and neck. It aims at eradicating lines and wrinkles, improving sagginess and facial contours. It involves removal or repositioning of fat and tissues, tightening of underlying muscles and removal of excess skin resulting in smooth and well-contoured facial appearance. It can effectively treat the following associated with facial appearance.

  • Sagginess in the middle area of face.
  • Deep wrinkles beneath eyes.
  • Deep lines along nose and around the corners of mouth.
  • Fallen or disappeared fat.
  • Sagging skin that creates jowls.
  • Excess skin and fat below chin giving the appearance of double chin.

There are many non-surgical treatments for enhancing facial appearance but no other option is better than facelift surgery. Men and women undergo facelift surgery for variety of reasons and there are many benefits of facelift surgery. Some of them are as follows:

The Results are Permanent:

Facelift surgery is a onetime treatment and its results are permanent. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, it does not require maintenance treatments. Furthermore, this procedure can also improve those signs that other procedures can’t.

Highly Customized Procedure:

Facelift surgery is highly customized cosmetic surgery procedure. There are various types of cosmetic surgery and every type addresses the specific issues. It is suitable for improving both early as well as mature signs of aging. So, whether you are in your 30’s or 60’s, facelift surgery can be a good option for you for facial rejuvenation.

If you are interested in undergoing facelift in dubai or want to know more about the procedure, fill in the consultation form given on our website and book an appointment for free consultation with our plastic surgeons. You can also have free online consultation.

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