Why Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

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You must have observed that every time you decide to undergo cosmetic surgery, you are advised to choose a board-certified surgeon. But why is it so? Why board certification is so important that you are always recommended to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for consultation and treatment. Well, it is because it allows you to determine the capabilities and expertise of a surgeon. It is a patient’s right to ask the surgeon about his certifications because it ensures the safety of a patient. In simple words, certification shows the experience of the plastic surgeon.

Below we will enlist some pointers that will explain further why board-certified surgeons should be chosen for cosmetic surgery.

Who is a Board-Certified Surgeon?

A board-certified surgeon is a plastic surgeon who has completed a surgical training of at least 5 years after completing medical school including a plastic surgery residency program. He/she has passed a critical evaluation test conducted by the American board of surgery. The test includes a written and a two-day oral examination.

Board certification is not an easy process which is why not every surgeon is certified. It involves comprehensive study, training program and critical examination system.

Why a Board-Certified Surgeon?

A board-certified plastic surgeon represents the highest standard of cosmetic specialty. A certified surgeon is obviously more competent than the inexperienced ones. Therefore, you should choose a certified surgeon because;

  • A board-certified plastic surgeon is additionally trained for a minimum of 5 years and tested for his/her knowledge and practical experience.
  • They have extensive experience in surgical procedures including face and entire body.
  • A board-certified plastic surgeon can prevent and tackle emergency situations during the surgery because of the extended study in anatomy and physiology.
  • A plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Surgery has developed both technical skills and aesthetic judgment that helps in bringing the best cosmetic results.
  • A board-certified surgeon has extended knowledge and practical experience of ensuring the patient’s safety during the surgery.
  • A board-certified surgeon mitigates the potential risks during or after the surgery.

Any licensed physician is permitted to call himself/herself a cosmetic or plastic surgeon irrespective of the surgical training he has attended or not. There are many physicians who have labeled themselves as a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, which is why it is emphasized that you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. Inexperienced and incompetent physicians are the reason for many of the plastic surgery disasters and patient dissatisfaction. If the surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, it will reduce the risk of any mismanagement during the surgery.

Therefore, the significance of a certified surgeon is way too high than a non-certified surgeon because your safety is associated with it. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has a team of board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons who specialize in specific cosmetic treatments. If you are looking for a certified surgeon, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is your way to go. Submit the consultation form after filling in the required information and book your appointment with our experts.