When Can I Start Workout After Brazilian Butt Lift?

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When you get a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, the most critical question you may have in your mind is when you can start a workout after the procedure? Undoubtedly, it is an important question, and you need to know the answer to it and some other essential aspects before going for the procedure. For this purpose, consult with your surgeon before the treatment and ask questions that arise in your mind.

Furthermore, you should know about the recovery procedure in detail so that you can make your mind and set your routine according to the requirements for a specific period. The purpose of writing this blog is to help you in this regard. Read on to know more regarding the time limit in which you can start exercise after the procedure and to which extent you can do it.

Recovery Timeline

Generally, you can resume your activities 2 weeks after a buttock lift. But there is a need to know the level of severity. The following timeline will help you get a clear idea regarding the activities that you will be able to perform after a Brazilian butt lift.

Week 1 & 2

You will not be allowed to put direct pressure on the area where the procedure is performed for more than a few minutes. So, it is recommended to only sit when you need it. Furthermore, make use of a donut-shaped or soft cushion so that there is no direct pressure on your buttocks. When you rest or lay down, it is instructed to keep yourself at a side or on your stomach. However, you can make light walks right after the surgery to maintain your blood clots.

Week 3

You can go back to your work routine after 2 weeks of your recovery. However, it is recommended to keep a soft cushion on your chair while sitting. Furthermore, you should start light cardio exercises that include elliptical exercise and walk in the 3rd week after the procedure.

Weeks 4 & 5

In the 4th and 5th weeks after the procedure, you should use a cushion when you need to sit for a more extended period. In addition to it, you may start intense activities, such as fast-paced walk or bicycling. You can continue your swimming routine, but when you need to relax, then you should lay on your stomach.

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Weeks 6 to 8

After the 5th week, you can resume the intense workout. However, before doing an intense workout, you need to know the response level of your body. It is not the same for all. Running, jogging, playing outside, and doing cardiovascular exercises are recommended during the 6th to 8th week of recovery.


Hopefully, you got the answers to all your questions regarding recovery or resuming your workout routine and other related activities. Still, if you have any question in your mind, you can contact your surgeon. He will guide you about the procedure in detail.

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