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Are you morbidly obese? Do you have excessive pounds of weight on your body that refuses to shed off even after regular exercise and careful diet? Have doctors advised you against getting a liposuction? Well, then why not try a mini gastric bypass surgery?

It is one of the safest, quickest and most effective surgeries to lose excess body weight and helps you to get back into a healthy shape.

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What is Mini Gastric Bypass?

Mini Gastric Bypass is a surgical procedure designed to help obese people lose most, if not all, of their excess weight. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach and reroutes the intestines, limiting the amount of food one can consume. Furthermore, it decreases the amount of nutrients and calories the body absorbs. When combined with healthy lifestyle changes, the mini gastric bypass surgery makes a person lose up to 3/4th of all excess weight within a year of the procedure.

Compared to a standard gastric bypass, the mini gastric bypass is less invasive and delivers the same results. It has a lower risk of complications and fewer side effects. The procedure is done laparoscopically, meaning the surgeon uses a tiny camera to reach the innards and work on them through a guiding television screen. Unlike the traditional gastric bypass, the mini gastric bypass is also reversible and usually costs lesser.

How is it Done?

A mini gastric bypass is a quicker procedure as compared to the standard gastric bypass, and usually lasts for about an hour. During the procedure your surgeon will:

  1. Reduce the size of the stomach by dividing it into two parts. One part is a long narrow tube that serves as the new stomach, and a larger remainder that remains well and alive but is essentially dysfunctional.
  2. Between 3 to 7 feet of the intestines are bypassed. The actual length varies from patient to patient and is determined by the surgeon based on different factors, such as your height and weight. The surgeon then attaches the remaining intestines to the new stomach.
  3. Food now passes through the new and smaller tube-like stomach and then bypasses between 3 to 7 feet of intestines where it resumes the usual digestive process.

What are its Benefits?

The major benefit of a mini gastric bypass is obviously a significant reduction in body weight. Most patients lose up to 3/4th of their excess weight within a year or two of the surgery—provided they follow a healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the surgery is a decreased risk of co-morbidities, which are diseases and health risks associated with obesity. Once a person has had a mini gastric bypass and lost excess weight, s/he will likely get a relief from symptoms associated with obesity-related medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, arthritic pain and edema.

A mini gastric bypass is also very safe, and takes lesser time to be performed as compared to a standard gastric bypass surgery. Since there are no large incisions made during the procedure, there are far fewer risks of post-surgery complications. People who undergo this treatment are usually released from the hospital within a day and experience only a small amount of recovery period.

Are there any Risks?

Mini gastric bypass is a very safe procedure and unlike a standard gastric bypass, there are hardly any risks or post-surgery complications. There is a small chance of developing an infection, or leaking of the staples that divide the stomach. Some people may experience “dumping syndrome,” which is the quick passing of food through the digestive tract. Others can experience dizziness, nausea and diarrhea. These, however, happen rarely and can be improved with medications and drugs.

Where to get it?

A mini gastric bypass is a very technical surgery and not every surgeon can perform it the right way. It is still a relatively new procedure and most surgeons are hardly experienced to carry it out. However, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is one of the best available clinics for weight loss treatment in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE that has been doing this procedure for pretty long now. It has highly qualified surgeons who luckily get ample patients seeking a mini gastric bypass, thus they have extensive experience in carrying out this procedure. If you too are planning to undergo this treatment, you got to check them out!

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