What to Expect From Eyelid Surgery?

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Eyelid Surgery Expectations

One of the first facial areas to show the aging signs is the area around the eyes. Eyes are the most prominent as well as the most delicate feature of face. This is the reason that aging signs start appearing on the skin around the eyes in middle age, sometimes even in twenties and whoever gets these signs wants to eradicate them because they make you look tired and old. The procedure of eyelid surgery enhances the appearance of eyes by correcting the droopiness of eyelids, eradicating wrinkles on the eyelids and bags under the eyes. It is a surgical and an invasive procedure requiring lots of things to consider before you go under the knife; let’s see what you can expect from this procedure.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can be performed either on upper or lower eyelids alone or on both the eyelids at same time. Eyes are extremely sensitive part and eyelid surgery is a complicated procedure, so it is important to know about all the factors associated with the procedure to get successful and risk free results. Though your surgeon tells you in detail about the procedure, recovery period and the after effects of the procedure, below given are some of the things you can expect from eyelid surgery.

Having bruising after eyelid surgery is common but it varies from patient to patient. Some people have slight redness surrounding the incision site only while may have redness covering their whole eyelid. Some patients can also have redness on the cheeks and even on lower face. In most of the cases bruising requires two weeks or so to go away but in very rare cases, it may also take up to nearly two months.

Patients also experience swelling just after the surgery that gets worse over first couple of days but ninety percent of it goes away in nearly two weeks. In nearly two to three months, swelling subsides completely and rare patients can have it for half or a year. If you follow the instructions and prescriptions by your surgeon regularly, swelling subsides quickly. The prescription may include oral and topical medications.

Swelling and bruising may affect the position of eyelid but don’t panic because this change is temporary and resolves in nearly two and half. Some patients may require over six months to let things settle down completely but such cases are exceptional.

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