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What the Perfect Breast Looks Like, According to Men and Women

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Perfect Breast Looks

Breasts are the most important and figurative feature of woman’s body. Correct shape and size of breasts have a great impact on life. Women having proportioned size of breasts are more confident and happy with their lives as compared to the ones who have the breasts that are small or not proportioned. They have a great impact on the social and psychological aspects of women’s lives. Due to the importance of breasts, lots and lots of researches and surveys are done associated with the shape and size of breasts.

The reason behind the popularity of breast surgeries – especially breast augmentation surgery – is the demand of women of getting desired size of breasts. According to surveys done in people including men and women and also the plastic surgeons, the perfect shape of breast is the one having ratio of 45:55. The survey was done on the basis of pictures of breasts having different shapes. 45:55 means that forty five percent of breast tissues are present above the nipple line and fifty five percent are below it. This shape is turned out as the natural shape of breasts.

Some people are in favor of small breasts while others are in favor of large breasts. It is more common concept that large breasts appear more attractive and beautiful but the fact is that well proportioned and shapely breasts look attractive rather than too big ones. Studies show that most of the women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery for the purpose of increasing the size of breasts regret their decision. The reason is that they no doubt get increased size but they look fake because they are not well shaped or proportioned.

In short, now if any woman selects the procedure of breast augmentation, she always considers the resulting shape of breasts. If you think you are not having correct or proportioned size and shape of breasts, you can improve it through breast augmentation but keep in mind that it is important to select an experienced surgeon and discuss all your desires to get natural looking results. Breast lift surgery is also helpful to get breasts of 45:55 for the women whose breasts have become saggy and droopy with aging and have lost their shape.

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