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What Is the Best Lip Enhancement Filler?

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Lip Enhancement Filler

Lip enhancement continues to evolve and is perfected by scientists and specialists all over the world. Today there exist a large variety of injectable and implantable lip enhancement treatments aimed at making women (and sometimes men) feel better about the way their lips look like. Mostly people who have undergone ageing, skin ailments caused due to environmental and lifestyle factors or deformation in their lips due to trauma or genetics seek to pursue such treatments in order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically acceptable look.

Lip implants are comparatively simple procedures that may take between 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The procedure involves making tiny incisions at the border of the lips, usually around the mouth corners. The incision site may vary depending on the technique being applied and condition being treated. A space is then created within the lip to house the implant. The strategic creation of this space is vital in the process since it dictates if the implant is placed correctly avoiding uneven results. After that the process of inserting the implant and threading it through the lip until the space has been filled, after which the implant is properly trimmed and the incisions closed. Listed below are some popular implants.


GORE-TEX lip implants are made from medically approved synthesized polymers of ePTFE. These polymers also exist in materials such as rain coats and are known for its non-reactive properties with various medical applications since years. Implants may feel a little rigid at first, but patients eventually get used to the feeling. However with time, the implants settle into the lip tissue due to having micropores that allow inter-growth of lip structural tissue.


These lip implants are also made from but are more tubular in shape allowing for better anchorage and diminished chances of implant migration. A newer model of Softform lip implants called Ultrasoft are reportedly 3x times softer than the former.


AlloDerm® is a brand name given by the company that manufacture lip implants from human-tissue usually excess skin left over from surgery. These implants are soft and pliant and since they are naturally derived from human skin, they won’t induce an allergic response in patients. The use and manufacture of human tissue is regulated by strict rules from the FDA.

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So there you have it! All the various types of implants that can answer your question to what is the best lip enhancement filler for you are discussed. However to know which one is more suitable for you, you will need expert advice for your questions and your condition. Get a free consultation with one of our specialists today by sending in the consultation form with your basic information.

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