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What is Lipolysis? How it Works?

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What is Lipolysis

These days, proper diet and exercise is the routine of nearly every person because being attractive and healthy is desire of everyone. Proper diet and exercise play an important role in keeping your body slim and smart but if we consider small pockets of fat appearing at certain areas of the body diet and exercise can’t do the job. Even the people who try weight loss programs can’t get rid of small amounts of fat that greatly affect the whole appearance of body. Here we will discuss about affective and non-surgical way to eradicate these small fat bulges.

Lipolysis is that non-surgical and non-invasive method, which is the key to fat reduction and is suitable for removal of small to moderate amounts of fat. You can’t go for lipolysis as weight loss treatment but it can no doubt greatly improve the results of dieting. This treatment is used for the areas that can’t be adequately shaped or contoured with persistent trainings. These areas include double chin, upper arms, lower abdomen, waist, buttocks, hips and thighs. Let’s know how the procedure is performed.

Lipolysis actually works on the principle of Mesotherapy treatment. During the procedure, some chemicals are injected in the fatty areas to liquefy the fat. The melted fat is then removed through drainage systems of body. The chemicals that are used in the procedure are Phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholate. These chemicals are injected with the help of microinjections the process of injecting chemicals is painless but after nearly fifteen minutes itching, redness and swelling starts appearing. Redness and pain subsides in couple of hours but swelling lasts for couple of weeks. Lipolysis treatment does not require downtime or recovery time and you can return to your routine work immediately after the treatment.

Lipolysis treatment is quite an easy and brief treatment and requires just 20 to 30 minutes. However multiple sessions are needed till you get the desired results. The results of the procedure are highly effective and permanent.

No severe side effects or complications are associated with the treatment except minimum discomfort, bruising and swelling if it is done properly. In order to make the treatment fully flawless, you need to select an experienced plastic surgeon. Lipolysis is now available at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and if you are in search of an experienced plastic surgeon for the treatment, don’t delay to book an appointment for lipolysis in Dubai.

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