What Is It Really Like To Undergo General Anesthesia First Time?

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If you are going to get any plastic surgery procedure and your plastic surgeon let you know that general anesthesia will be performed for performing the procedure, then you may be worried about it. You should consult with your surgeon regarding the experience and clear your concerns before the surgery. We are writing this post to provide you some essential details in this regard. Have a look at the key points.

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Before the surgery, a nurse will let you know the important aspects regarding the experience and also provide you information about preoperative facts. You may also discuss the process with your surgeon or the anesthesiologist before the surgery. The anesthesia is injected through injection or drip.

According to various patients, having general anesthesia is a strange experience and practically nobody known what has been gone through that time period in which the person was faded.

Once you get the medicine and it hits your bloodstream then it starts to effect in a quick way. The administrator may start talking to you regarding different aspects of your life or he may ask you to start counting. In fact, he uses different techniques to distract you from anxiety. Also, this process helps him to check your reaction towards the medicine.

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What Happens To Your Body?

The application of general anesthesia doesn’t impact on a specific area of your body but it has the effects on your overall body.

  • You become unconscious and goes into the deep sleep.
  • The characteristic of Analgesia doesn’t allow you to feel any pain.
  • Your body becomes unable to move.
  • The characteristic of amnesia doesn’t allow you to remember the whole experience.

Our plastic surgeons will be around you for the time period until you remain asleep due to the anesthesia to monitor your blood circulation, fluid loss, oxygen intake, level of consciousness, and other vital signs to ensure that you are normal.

anesthesia on body

Normally, the time period throughout which you remain under the effects of anesthesia remains blank for you. Different patients report that they don’t feel anything during this time and they wake up in the recovery room. However, the experience of every person is different. Mostly, it is reported that the loved ones find the recovery time humorous as you may have slurred speech, behave emotionally, in an inflated way, and lacking inhibitions.

How Patients Remember Their Experience

One of our patients has provided the statement that ‘It felt like somebody turned my battery off and when it recharged then I was on my recovery bed”.

Be Careful In Selection

You should find a cosmetic surgeon, who is experienced in performing plastic surgeries. It is vital to your necessity. Prior to the surgery, you should ask the credentials of operative staff to ensure that you are investing amount at a right place.

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