What is fat transfer, and how it helps to get your desired body?

What is fat transfer, and how it helps to get your desired body?

Why use artificial substances when you can use your body fat to make your desired body parts fuller? Seems unreal? Well, it is now possible through fat transfer treatment. Fat transfer is a procedure where fat is extracted from an area where you don’t need it and injected into an area you want. Remember that this procedure is a bit different from liposuction. In liposuction, the survival rate of fat cells is not essential; you will throw away that fat anyway. But in fat transfer, fat cells are harvested in such a way that they remain alive. Consequently, when injected into the desired site, they attach themselves to the blood supply and stay active there for a long time.

Applications of Fat Transfer

There are many instances where you need certain body parts to be fuller. Fat transfer can be used in such areas of the body. However, the most common applications of fat transfer are mentioned below:

Breast Augmentation

Many women seek to enlarge their breasts to increase their femininity and confidence. For this purpose, they undergo breast augmentation surgery in which certain implants available to increase the size of breasts. But many women prefer fat transfer over those artificial implants and choose AFT breast augmentation.

Butt Lift

Many people have a small butt, and they want it to be fuller to look excellent and attractive. Buttock augmentation with fat transfer is a preferred method to achieve this goal.

Face Rejuvenation

Many people suffer from a drained face, with their cheekbones prominently visible. They look sick even when they are not. Face rejuvenation with fat transfer can make their cheeks fuller and plump, giving them a rejuvenated look. Some types of scars, such as acne scars, can also be treated with fat injection. Autologous (your own) fat transfer is the best way to treat people who experience such conditions.

Advantages of Fat Transfer

  • Your fat is used in the fat transfer procedure, so there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection.
  • Other dermal fillers cost more than your body fat. So, why pay more to use foreign substances when you can use your own body’s fat?
  • Fat lasts longer than most of the other dermal fillers. Once the fat cells settle down and gain a blood source, they remain in place for more extended periods.
  • The modern fat transfer procedure is low risk and requires less downtime. Usually, it does not require general anesthesia, and most patients can return to their work the next day.


In short, fat transfer is an amazingly beneficial treatment that can solve many problems without getting foreign substances inserted into the body. It has numerous applications and helps you in regaining your confidence. However, it would be best if you underwent the treatment after consulting with an expert. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® assists people in getting their desired shape and living their lives to the fullest. If you also want any of your body parts to be improved, contact us, and we will provide the best solution to you. Free online consultation is also available on our website. Just fill our online form, and let our experienced doctors guide you.