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What is Cellulite & How to Get Rid of it?

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What is Cellulite

Do you have that dimply appearance on your skin? If your answer is yes, you are not the only one facing this condition. There are many people, especially women whose skin has dimply appearance. What do you think what’s it, is it merely accumulated fat or something else? Well, the name given to this condition is cellulite. Now, you might be wondering what cellulite is, what causes it and is it something unhealthy or dangerous or not. Want to get answers to your questions? Read on.

This article will give you information about cellulite and its causes.

What is cellulite?

The dimply appearance of your skin usually on your stomach, buttocks or thighs similar to the appearance of cottage cheese is cellulite. This look of skin occurs because of the structural changes occurring beneath the surface. Small pockets of fat stored in fibrous connective tissue are the main reason. These fat deposits are contained within chambers separated by collagen fibers beneath the skin. When the fibers shrink and these fat bulges push against the skin, it causes cottage cheese appearance on it.

The bumpy, dimpled, cottage cheesy appearance of skin – cellulite – does not cause any harm but is one of the most frustrating aesthetic issue for a significant percentage of world’s population. Cellulite may be a sign of poor health and unhealthy habits such as irregular exercise routine, excess weight and accumulation of toxins.

What causes cellulite?

Have a look on some common causes of cellulite:

  • Excess weight – since cellulite is caused by fat accumulation, excess weight is one of the causes.
  • Age – aging causes fiber shrinkage and as a result skin is pulled downwards that leads to cellulite formation.
  • Gender – cellulite usually occurs in women because they have less fibrous tissues and more fatty tissues.
  • Hormones – oestrogen hormone stimulates the storage of fat for menstruation, pregnancy and lactation and therefore, it is one of the causes of cellulite.
  • Poor blood circulation – poor blood circulation leads to lack of oxygen, which causes fiber shrinkage resulting in cellulite appearance.
  • Lack of exercise – being active improves blood circulation that prevents cellulite. If you are not active, your body is more prone to cellulite formation.
  • Fatty food – having more fat in your diet causes excess fat storage leading to cellulite formation.
  • Sun exposure – excessive sun exposure is another cause as it accelerates aging process in the skin.
  • Stress – it leads to release of cellulite causing hormones.

Sure ways to prevent cellulite

Here are some tips that will help you prevent or avoid cellulite:

  • Eat healthy diet that is rich in proteins. Eat healthy fats and limit the intake of sugar.
  • Tone up your muscles. It will tighten your skin as well.
  • Don’t smoke. Smokers are usually more prone to cellulite.

Now that you know what cellulite is, what causes it and how you can prevent it you can take the appropriate steps to reduce its appearance and severity by making required changes in your lifestyle. This will also help you delay or avoid it if you don’t have cellulite yet. However, if you want an effective and quick remedy, it is better to consult an experienced practitioner.

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