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Eyelid Surgery in Dubai

An eyelid lift surgery is also termed as a blepharoplasty in which excess skin, fat or muscles are removed to improve the appearance of eyes. A blepharoplasty surgery can be performed on upper, lower or both eyelids depending on your needs and condition. An eyelid surgery in Dubai is being performed for both cosmetic and medical conditions.

Eyelid Surgery for Cosmetic Reasons

Usually, the droopy eyelids are the reason for people undergoing an eyelid surgery. The upper and lower eyelids can become sagging over the period of time due to a number of factors. An eyelid surgery can be used to correct the appearance of the eyelids by removing the excess skin, fatty tissues or even trimming a weak muscle. The presence of excess skin, fat or muscle lead to the appearance of lines and droopiness in the eyelids which make you look tired and grumpy all the time.

A cosmetic eyelid surgery corrects the appearance of eyelids which affects your overall facial appearance by making you look attractive and younger. An eyelid surgery makes a great impact because your eyes are among the most noticeable feature.

Eyelid Surgery for Medical Reasons

An eyelid surgery can be used to correct the functional problems. A sagging upper eyelid can affect our vision. People undergo an eyelid lift surgery to remove the excess skin in the eyelids to get a clearer vision particularly for tasks that require precise vision such as driving etc. the droopy or baggy eyelids can cause difficulty in wearing contact lenses, so extra fatty tissues are removed and repositioned during the surgery.

Who can Opt for an Eyelid Surgery?

You can be an ideal candidate for an eyelid surgery if;

  • Your eyelids have a drooping appearance
  • Your eyelids have fine lines and folds
  • Your eyelids appear puffy because of fat deposits
  • You have under-eye bags
  • The droopiness of eyelids hinders your vision
  • You aren’t suffering from any eye disease
  • You aren’t suffering from any serious medical condition
  • You don’t smoke as it can create complications during the surgery
  • You have realistic expectations from the surgery

Eyelid Surgery is an advantageous procedure as it rejuvenates your eyes giving you a vibrant and younger appearance.

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If you have drooping eyelids that cause vision issues or you just don’t look good because of them, you should think of undergoing an eyelid surgery. You can talk to one of the plastic surgeons at our clinic by filling in the free consultation form.

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