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What are the Different Types of Breast Surgery Available?

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Types of Breast Surgery

Breasts are an important part of women’s body and every woman wants to have well-proportioned and well-contoured breasts. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect and there are a large of women who are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts. Such women opt for suitable cosmetic breast surgery procedures. There are a lot of reasons behind having breast surgeries. Women who opt for the procedures either want to fit in their favorite clothes or want to improve the appearance of their breasts affected by aging, pregnancies, breastfeeding or significant weight loss or gain.

A variety of breast surgery options that can effectively improve your breasts’ appearance are available these days. Small and asymmetric breasts can be enhanced by inserting implants in them. Overly large and heavy breasts can be treated by breast reduction surgery and the appearance of sagging breasts can be improved by breast lift surgery. Whatever your concerns are, there is breast surgery option available to make your breasts aesthetically more pleasing. Here we will discuss the most commonly performed breast surgeries, each of which can be customized according to individual’s specific goals and requirements.

Breast augmentation is the most demanded and frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedure in women. Breast augmentation – often referred to as boob job – is the surgical procedure that gives volume to the breasts and enhances its shape. The goal of this procedure is improving the size of smaller breasts, correcting the asymmetry of breasts and restoring the fullness of breasts lost because of aging, pregnancy or weight loss. Breast enlargement is most commonly done by inserting breast implants in the breasts either above or below the pectoral muscles but it can also be done using fat transfer or fat injections. The most common types of implants used for breast augmentation are saline implants and silicone gel implants while in fat transfer or fat injection techniques your own body fat is used to enhance the size of breasts.

Breast reconstruction:

Breast reconstruction is the specific type of breast augmentation surgery. It is performed to correct fully or partially removed breasts either because of cancer or certain other health issue. Besides implants, this procedure also uses donor muscles and skin to create more feminine and natural looking bust line. This surgery is mostly recommended for those women who have undergone mastectomy – breast cancer surgery.

Patients who undergo breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery using implants require revision surgery for replacement of implants at some point in future.

Breast reduction:

No doubt women like to have fuller bust but excessively large breasts also affect your aesthetic appearance and become the reason of physical discomfort such as chronic neck, back and shoulder pain and posture problems. Breast reduction surgery is another type of cosmetic breast surgery intended for those women whose breasts are overly large. During the surgery, breast size is reduced by removing excess breast tissue. In some cases, size of breasts is reduced using the procedure of liposuction.

Breast lift:

The cosmetic breast surgery – known as breast lift – is suitable for those women who have sagging breasts. The procedure can effectively improve the sagginess of breasts caused by aging or breastfeeding. It only improves the shape of breasts rather than affecting the size of breasts. During the procedure, excess skin is removed and breast tissues are lifted to make the breasts firmer. Breast lift surgery can also be performed in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your breasts, you should not delay having a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. Whether your breasts are too small, too large or droopy, cosmetic breast surgeries are available to improve their appearance.

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