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Weight loss vs. Spot reduction. How liposuction in Dubai can help?

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Weight loss vs. Spot reduction. How liposuction in Dubai can help?

Everybody wants to look lean and smart, and liposuction is the quick fix. But many people still don’t know the difference between weight loss and spot reduction. Overweight and obese are the terms used for the people having more than acceptable levels of fat deposits. A man is considered overweight if his body fat percentage is more than 20, and obese if it is more than 25. Women however have a little more fat and are considered overweight if their body fat percentage is more than 25, and obese if their body fat percentage is more than 30.

This extra fat accumulates under the skin, and leaves a bad cosmetic effect. Fat deposits start accumulating around the waist and hips. Gradually they find their place all over the body. Once beautiful chin becomes double chin, neck swallows, and chest sags.

In a city like Dubai, full of hustle bustle, and a great social life to enjoy, nobody wants to carry this extra fat everywhere. Liposuction in Dubai can help you get rid of this extra fat. Liposuction uses suction assisted fat removal which is best for spot reduction. This procedure removes fat from only your desired body parts. Most people want to reduce their waistline. This is an excellent way to quickly reduce your waistline and making your belly attractive and shapely. Liposuction can be used to remove fat from almost any part of the body. Whether it’s your chin, neck, chest, upper arms, abdomen, hips, or thighs, liposuction can remove fat from these parts, and make them attractive. Liposuction removes fat from certain parts of the body. For example, if fat is removed from the waistline, it will not affect the fat deposits in your chin or arms.

On the other hand, exercise and dieting remove fat from the entire body. It is not possible to remove belly fat by doing a lot of crunches! When you follow a good diet and exercise regimen, the fat is gradually removed from your whole body, and your body fat percentage and weight decreases.

Though exercise and dieting take considerable time to achieve your weight loss goals, it has many additional benefits which liposuction or other procedures do not offer.

So, what is the best strategy to achieve your desired fitness goals? I would suggest starting with a healthy diet, counting your calories, and doing adequate physical activity. First learn to manage your weight. Then take help from liposuction to achieve your objectives quickly. Wouldn’t it beamazing to remain slim for a long time after liposuction?

Need further help? Our experienced surgeon would be glad to guide you. Visit our office, call us, or fill our free online consultation form, and take your first step towards your fitness goals.


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