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Victoria Beckham Happily Admit to Cosmetic Surgery

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Victoria Bekham has evolved in both professional and aesthetic terms over time. From her days as the chubby cheeked fresh faced Spice Girl to become the facially and physically toned fashion icon that she is today. And thankfully enough Ms. Bekham has admitted to getting cosmetic surgery; although not in clear terms. But we can only guess that she ahs the lot from non-invasive skin treatments to body contouring through liposuction.

Cosmetic surgery is a decision taken based one’s mental and emotional needs with respect to their appearance for their age and lifestyle. Cosmetic surgery is a continuous journey undertaken by the patient to improve their self-esteem and achieve their aesthetic dreams. A thriving cosmetic market such as that of Dubai has been giving more and more people across the globe access and freedom to their appearances and bodies. Victoria Bekham has gone from round full faced teen over twenty years ago to her dramatically thinned and defined posh look she sports these days.

Additional to her cosmetic changes, Victoria has undergone aging as well as pregnancy among other things. The hormonal and age changes affect the skin, facial contours and figure because it depletes tone, collagen and elasticity. The evidence for subtle cosmetic surgery can be seen from the finely-toned contours around the nose, mouth, chin and eyes. But we are still skeptical about this!

Diet and Appearance

Victoria Secret is no stranger to the showbiz world and has been a performer and entertainer since a tender young age. That said she has probably undergone various psychological changes along with her age and hormonal changes that affect decisions in cosmetic surgery and lifestyle.

By staying skinny Victoria has lost volume in her face, making her look somewhat tired and by the looks of things this has led her to only recently start applying dermal fillers/Botox injections for plumping up her face. Where fat has been lost from her face, people can notice dark shadows around the eyes and cheeks that she expertly covers with makeup.


Victoria’s prominently shaped jaw, chins and cheekbones are her highlighted look these days. Her appearance seems darker in comparison to her youthful days when she was quite apparently healthier. Her weight loss and strict diet as well as a history of eating disorders are probably the reason behind her thin physique and highly defined face. Experts would agree that elite class females who undergo plastic surgery to shed weight after pregnancy (she has had four) usually undergo this process of weight loss that affects the face.

Usually after dramatic weight loss the skin becomes gaunt and shadows appear on top of the skin due to fat being metabolized from the underlying structure beneath the skin. And due to the lifestyles and work regimen of models requires them to restrict their food intake resulting in a diet lacking the necessary fats and proteins required for healthy skin. This is the sole reason why many turn to dermal fillers and skin treatments to keep the appearance fresh and thin at the same time. We can guess that Victoria Bekham’s rising cheekbones could either be due to cosmetic surgery of the cheek where the buccal fat pads were excised or it could a natural offset of her diet and weight loss program.


By taking a look at some of Victoria’s older photos it is hard not to notice her upturned nose (apart from full cheeks and broad smile). That round upturned tip also looks to have been subtly refined to an elegant streamlined edge nowadays.

Breast Augmentation

The posh wife of football star David Beckham has had previous breast augmentation surgery carried out in a London clinic boosting her size from A Cup to 34D. But the actress has probably had them removed afterwards according to some of her comments made to Vogue magazine UK and her lawyers. Although smaller her breasts now has more volume and suitability with rest of her figure.

Laser hair Removal

According to the mother of 4, Mrs. Bekham instead of using the old-fashioned laser turns to laser hair removal for her personal hygiene. Stating it as a recommendation from Eva Longoria, Victoria uses them on her legs and finds it pretty convenient since all she needs are a few visits every now and then for touchups.


Owing to her full lips and naturally plump face, Victoria for quite a long time had no need for dermal fillers. Even though her dramatically thinned face does look like it’s getting some injectable treatment nowadays, her skin previously looked quite smooth as well.

Owing to her history of subtle improvements in terms of cosmetic surgery, we can guess that she has had non-surgical neck and face lift using a fractional laser or Pulsed-Light treatment to iron out the skin’s surface. The corners of her mouth are still strangely youthful and her lips as well as cheeks are slightly puffy (evidence of filler injections).

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