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Upper Leg Lift and Other Thighoplasty Procedures

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Thighoplasty Procedures

An upper leg lift can be performed through a variety of approaches aimed at removing excess loose skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Liposuction and liposculpture is a method of removing fat and contouring the body with natural materials to remove extra fat deposits and smoother out the skin’s exterior. The combination of techniques performed varies upon anatomical distribution, patient’s desires and other variables. Listed below are some upper leg lift techniques.

  • Medial Thigh Lift: Interior and frontal face of the thighs
  • Lateral Thigh Lift: Exterior face of the thighs
  • Upper Leg Lift: Skin and fat along the upper parts of the thighs

Medial Thigh Lift

A thigh lift along the inside of the upper thighs is among the more popular methods of surgery used at Dubai cosmetic Surgery. Ladies and men alike undergo a change in thigh anatomy at later ages in life. The combination of numerous time and health related factors contribute to saggy skin and localized fat deposits in this area. Scars left behind from incision vary in size depending on the extent of surgery and are hidden from view along the inside of the thigh. In all cases scars fade away gradually with time.

Inner Thigh Surgery

After sterilizing the entire pelvic and thighs area, the cosmetic surgeon will make an incision along the pelvic crease towards the hips.

Using subtle maneuvers excess skin and subcutaneous tissue is separated and excised. Liposuction of fat deposits will be recommended as per necessity and the skin tightened before the incision is stitched close. Scars along the inside of the thighs remain hidden in the bikini line. The total operating time is anywhere between 1 – 2 hours.

Lateral Thigh Lift

Ageing and gravity are again the culprits here causing loose skin, droopy tissue and fat deposits that not only look bad but hinder functionality and movement along the front of the thighs. Once the skin on the outer thighs loses its firmness people tend to lose a bit of their self-esteem too. Decrease in skin elasticity and increase in volume of tissue contributes to irregular contours. A consequence of excessive weight loss also displays the same symptoms making those patients ideal candidates for the procedure. The lateral thigh lift is a surgical solution for permanent results that leave a patient with firmer thighs and better contours.

Outer Thigh Surgery

An incision is made along the inside of the thighs along the groin crease leading towards the rectal area. This is followed by detaching skin and subcutaneous tissue that is not needed from the outer thighs. Skin is lifted and tightened before incisions are closed. Total operating time is anywhere between 1.5 – 2.5 hours.

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