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Types Of Weight Loss Surgery And Which Is Best For Me

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Obesity is one of the serious issues in our society. The rate of obesity is increasing day-by-day. Due to the exceeding rate of obesity in the US, UAE, and all over the world, most of the people are considering bariatric surgery. Various bariatric options are available to help you in weight loss. Some of the people achieve their goal of having a beautifully contoured body with the help of exercise and healthy diet plan. Hence, a time comes, when these things may not worth enough for you. In such case, bariatric surgery is the only way that may help you. This procedure works by limiting the size of your stomach and so the food absorption. Now, the candidacy really matters while you need to get this procedure. In short, if your BMI (body mass index) is more than 40 then you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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Why Is Weight Loss Surgery On The Rise?

The researchers reveal that the rate of obesity in UAE is two times more than average. According to WHO (World Health Organization), above 2.1 billion people are obese or overweight and they are about 30 percent of the whole global population.

A study is conducted by a research company on the obesity that provides the prediction that approximately half of the adult population of the world could be overweight by 2030.

Hence, on the basis of a report that was conducted in 2013 entitled as ‘The Global Burden of Disease Study, above 60 percent of the women and 66 percent of men are already obese in the UAE.

Types Of Weight Loss Surgery

Here, it is important for you to know the types of weight loss surgery so that you can select the best one for you.

Four common types of weight-loss surgery are:

  • Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion – The procedure is recommended as a weight loss surgery that includes both malabsorptive and restrictive aspects.
  • Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding – This surgical procedure helps in losing weight. A band is placed around the upper area of your stomach in order to create a small pouch in order to hold food. The band helps in making your consumption of food limited. You start to feel full after even eating a small quantity of food.
  • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass – A new stomach pouch is made with the help of the small part of your stomach. Usually, it may be the size of an egg. After that, the smaller stomach is kept connected with jejunum (middle area of the small intestine), and avoiding the rest stomach and duodenum (upper area of the small intestine.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy – This type of surgical procedure for losing your weight helps to reduce almost 15 percent of the original size of your stomach.

What To Choose Between Weight Loss Surgery And Body Contouring Procedure?

Well, you should consult your surgeon to know if you really need a weight loss surgery or a body contouring procedure can be helpful for you. In case, if you have done the exercise and followed the specific diet plan, then you may just need to contour your body to get it in a shape. However, fat transfer and liposuction are the most used procedures in this regard.

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Final Thoughts!

Conclusively, if you are an obese person and you are tired of exercising and diet plans then you may go for the treatment of weight loss or body contouring procedure like liposuction. For this purpose, you need to consult an experienced doctor. All of our doctors are experienced enough to deal with every patient on the individual basis. You may consult us anytime for FREE of cost. Your all queries will be answered in this session. What are you waiting for?? Go ahead and simply fill the form below to get benefit from our consultation. Don’t become in the counting of obese people. Be smart and live smart!

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