Types of ThighPlasty

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Types of ThighPlasty

You might diet and exercise as much and as long as possible, but let’s face it because the truth is no matter how healthy you eat or how much time you spend exercising there is that bit of stubborn fat that just refuses to go away. Someone can develop body image issues because of large amounts of sagging skin round the thighs.

The only way to get rid of the loose skin around the thighs and the stubborn fat is by undergoing a thigh lift. There are types of thigh lifts such as;

  • Medial thigh lift
  • Posterior thigh lift
  • Spiral thigh lift
  • Bilateral thigh lift
  • Vertical thigh lift

Medial thigh lift

Also known as an inner thigh lift because it is performed on the inner part of the upper thigh. Most patients get the procedure done so as to get rid of excess fat and skin after a major weight loss. This is because after a major weight loss the skin around the inner upper thigh area might begin to lose elasticity and become saggy. It can also be simply due to the aging process.

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Posterior thigh lift

This type of thigh lift targets the buttocks and the area at the back of the thighs. This areas usually hold large amounts of cellulite hence making the skin to be saggy and dimpled. This procedure tones up the area and results in a firmer and smoother posterior.

Spiral thigh lift

The spiral thigh lift is the only procedure that targets entire thigh. It treats the up and down lengths of the thighs, the sides, the front and the back areas. This makes the procedure to be referred as the 360? Lift or the total thigh lift. It improves the contour of the buttock area, shapes, trims, tightens and smoothens the thighs. The spiral thighplasty gives the lower body a complete lift since a lot of tissue is removed.

The recovery period for the spiral thigh lift procedure is longer than the other thigh lift procedures.

Bilateral thigh lift

The bilateral thigh lift teats the front and sides of the thighs. This is due to the excess weight that has accumulated on them. Excess tissue is removed and liposuction is usually performed to remove the excess fat. This makes the skin to be tighter. Most patients do not mind the scarring that this procedure causes.

Vertical thigh lift

The vertical thigh lift is normally done for patients who have excess skin all around the thighs. This type of thigh lift usually treats the lower and middle sections of the thigh. It leaves noticeable scarring behind and since the procedure is extensive only patients with very large amounts of excess skin to remove are considered the ideal candidates for the procedure.

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Ideal candidates for the thigh lift surgery

  • He or she should have sagging or loose skin around the thigh area
  • Should be in good overall health
  • Should have realistic expectations
  • Should have issues with skin laxity or have undergone a major weight loss.
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