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Butt Lift in Dubai

The butt lift is a procedure in which the appearance of buttocks is altered either by reshaping the size or by removing extra skin or extra fat which greatly enhance the appearance of buttocks. The procedure is very helpful for people who have lost weight and feel that their buttocks are out of shape. Different butt lifts are used which suit the different needs or wants of a person to get the desired results from the procedure.

Types of butt lifts

There are three basic types of butt lifts each one has its own use, these butt lifts include: Butt implant, Brazilian butt lift, and traditional butt lift. All of these procedures can make firmer and better looking buttocks in a different manner.

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Butt implant

Butt implant procedure is harsher compared to other butt lifts because in this procedure silicone implant is inserted into the buttocks either underneath muscle layer or fatty layer which increases the size of butt. The procedure not only makes the buttocks bigger but also fuller, smooth and round because the implant adds more volume to buttocks. Due to the deep placement of the implant, they are undetectable either by touch or looks. Butt implant can have great effects on the appearance of buttocks and enhance the body beyond natural looks.

The procedure also comes with a great risk as well as recovery time. In traditional butt lift incision is made in lower abdomen while in butt implant incision is made in the crack of butt. This incision will limit your ability to sit and you are going to have to avoid sitting during your recovery time. Since avoiding sitting is not possible so it is a little risky compared to other implants.

Brazilian butt lift

The effects of Brazilian butt lift is less severe compared to butt implant and the risks associated with it are also less. This butt lift is the most widely used procedure. In this procedure, fat is removed from one part of the body through liposuction and then that fat is injected into the butt of a person. Body accepts these fat cells but due to natural equilibrium, some cells are not absorbed by the body which could cause the buttocks to shrink.

Some cells will survive the ordeal and will regenerate which means that the changes caused by this procedure will be permanent. The procedure is done through a very small incision which minimized it risks compared to butt implant.

Traditional butt lift

In this procedure skin along with some fat is removed from incision point on waist and butt and then butt is lifted using sutures. By doing this skin is smoothened from wrinkles, tightened and fat is lifted towards the butt. The result is natural looking, fat layers are intertwined and skin is tightened on the bum.

The procedure is good for people who have sagging skin and have lost weight and want to improve the shape of their body. The procedure leaves a scar on the underwear line but is considered safe compared to other butt lifts.

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