Types of Burns and Reconstructive Burn Surgery

Reconstructive Burn Surgery

There was a time when skin damage done by burns was not treatable. People used to shy away or avoided public gatherings. But now cosmetic surgery has introduced the solution to this problem as well. Burn Reconstructive surgery is an effective way to treat skin damage and diminish the burn marks. It helps the people psychologically and brings them out of the trauma. The reconstructive burn surgery can not completely remove the burns but can make them less obvious.

Let’s learn more about this amazing surgery in detail.

Burn Marks

Burns can damage the skin severely because they result in the death of skin cells. The damaged skin then starts producing collagen to repair itself. But as the skin heals, thick and discolored scars start developing which are also known as burn marks. Some of them fade away with time but some are permanent.

Category of Burns

There are three degrees of burns.

First degree

First degree burns are not that strong when compared to other types. They can cause pain and redness in the skin and only damage the outer layer of the skin.

Second degree

Second-degree burns affect dermis and epidermis which are the upper and lower layer of skin. These type of burns causes pain, blistering and redness in the skin.

Third degree

Third-degree burns penetrate deeper into the skin and affect the tissues of the skin. The results are severe and intense. They cause the skin to become white or blackened in severe cases.

Types of Burns

Even though a fire is the main reason for burns but there are many other things that can give you burns. Five common types of burns are discussed below.

Cold Burns

These burns are also called frostbite and can severely damage your skin by freezing it. The cold burns are usually caused when a person is outside in freezing temperatures for an extended period of time. It can also be caused by getting into direct and prolonged contact with something very cold.

Chemical Burns

Strong acids and other chemical products can burn and damage the skin of a person if they come in direct contact with skin.

Friction Burns

These types of burns occur when the skin of a person rubs off with a hard and solid object. These types of burns are usually caused by motorcycle accidents.

Radiation Burn

These types of burns are caused by different rays. Sunburn is also one of them. While treating cancer, x-rays are used which can also cause radiation burns.

Thermal Burns

These are the most common type of burns and are caused when the skin comes directly in contact with something hot.

Surgery for Burn Marks

Usually, reconstructive surgery is required for highly complex and severe burn marks which can greatly improve the skin condition.

Reconstructive Burn surgery

Reconstructive burn surgery is a cosmetic surgery which is performed by a cosmetic surgeon after the initial burn mark has already healed. The surgery is done to improve the physical appearance and function of the burnt part of the body. In this treatment, scar tissues are altered using operative methods of treatment.

It usually takes years for the completion of this procedure and the relationship between patient and surgeon lasts for years. It takes months for this surgery to finally show visible results and usually new surgery is required years after the first one. It usually happens in young patients because their body structure is constantly changing.

What to expect?

It should be kept in mind that the burn marks cannot be completely removed through this procedure. Reconstructive surgery can only make the burn marks less visible. Burns mostly limits the motion of different parts of the body. Surgery is often done to restore the motion of those affected parts of the body. So, the goal of reconstructive surgery is not to lessen the visibility of the scar.

Reconstructive Burn Surgery can greatly improve the visibility of scars and restore your body’s movement. It can act as a turning point in a patient’s life who has suffered from burn injuries. However, it requires patience as results are not visible immediately after the surgery. It is a matter of years. It is preferable to consult with a surgeon before undergoing surgery. After examining the extent of damage, he will suggest you undergo reconstructive surgery. You can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to get burn reconstructive surgery because we have expert cosmetic surgeons on board. Book your free consultation now to learn more about the surgical process.