Tummy Tuck Surgery – Tips for Recovery

Tummy Tuck Surgery - Tips for Recovery

Everybody wants to have a slim and smart body. Most people do their best to get a slim body by trying exercise, dieting and what not. These are all part of a healthy lifestyle and quite helpful in losing weight. However, there is one problem that remains persistent even for people who follow a healthy lifestyle. This problem is related to the accumulation of fat and is also common in people having a normal weight. The problem is a bulging tummy.

Where exercise fails, cosmetic surgery succeeds. Tummy tuck surgery is the best way to get rid of excess fat in the tummy area. But before opting for surgery, some things should be kept in mind to have successful results and quick recovery. Usually, the surgeon gives instructions and guidelines for a proper and accelerated recovery. However, there are some important things that a lot of people don’t know about.

Tips for Recovery

We have compiled a list of tips for a quick and comfortable recovery from tummy tuck surgery.

No Smoking

Smoking increases the complications in surgery and it can delay the process of recovery. The components used in cigarettes, like nicotine, are harmful to the skin because they make hindrances in the blood flow. However, the supply of an adequate amount of blood is crucial for recovering from tummy tuck surgery. So, it is advised to quit smoking for at least two weeks before and after the surgery. In some cases, the surgeon may recommend differently so follow their recommendations.

Follow a Proper Diet Plan

Proper diet and healthy eating habits are also important to recover from tummy tuck surgery. This is because strong skin requires proper nutrition which is only possible if you eat healthy food. So, eat healthy for a smooth surgery and quick recovery. Adding spinach, salmon, chicken, broccoli, oranges, apple, strawberry, etc in your diet always helps.

Get Off Your Bed

Though heavy activities and vigorous exercise should be avoided after tummy tuck surgery, however, do not stick to your bed. Start moving as soon as the surgeon recommends. This is because continuous sitting or sleeping increases the risk of clotting of blood that delays the healing of incisions.

Avoid Shower

Keep yourself away from showering or bathing. Instead, have a sponge bath as recommended by the surgeon. This is because exposing your incisions to water can make them worse and they may catch an infection. This can also lead to causing permanent damage to your skin. As a result, the healing process is slow and painful.

Sleep in Correct Position

Sleeping position can also delay or speed up the healing and recovery process. Try to sleep in an inclined position having your shoulder and head raised. This position will cause less strain to the abdomen area and strain can lead to a breakage of incisions.

The above given are some tips to follow but the experience and expertise of the surgeon still matter. Having tummy tuck surgery by an inexperienced surgeon can also lead to severe risks and complications. If you are planning to have a tummy tuck in Dubai, you can use the services of experienced plastic surgeons.