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Dimple Creation to Look More Attractive
Cost of Surgery Starts from $1000 per cheek
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Days off Work Not needed
Recovery Period 7 – 10 days
Best Clinics in the UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Dimples on cheeks have long been considered a sign of beauty. In pursuit of beauty, people crave for having dimples.

Fortunately, due to advancements in cosmetic surgery, it is now possible to create dimples on the cheeks of a human being.

What is Dimple Creation Surgery?

Dimple creation surgery is a cosmetic procedure that creates dimples on the cheeks with the help of a simple surgery.

The surgery involves local anesthesia, cutting of skin, and then stitching of the skin. Dimple creation surgery is also called dimpleplasty.

Want to Look Beautiful?

They help to brighten up a smile and add character to the face. Have you ever wished that you had dimples? If you have a dream to look beautiful you should try dimple creation surgery.

It is equally important for both men and women but women are more likely to have dimples created on cheeks, whereas, men are likely to have dimples created on their chin.

How does it Work?

Dimple creation surgery is a simple and short procedure that takes a short to time to perform. It is performed as an outpatient and the patient will be able to go home right after the surgery.

How much does it Cost?

The cost of dimple creation surgery depends on the fee of clinic and the fee of surgeon. The average cost of dimple creation surgery is $1000 per cheek.

The fees for any procedure are based on the level of the procedure, the time and resources required as well as the type of anesthesia you choose.

Dimple creation surgery in Dubai is easy to take if you have financial issues. If you want to know the exact cost, you should contact with a clinic concerned.

Dimple Creation in Dubai

Dubai is, no doubt, the best place to have dimple creation surgery done. It is due to the reason that there are dimple a large number of creation surgery expert available in Dubai.

Free Consultation

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is one of the leading dimple creation surgery centers in Dubai. It is the market leader with more than 12 years of experience.

If you are interested in dimple creation surgery in the UAE, feel free to contact them for a free consultation session.

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