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Do you have droopy or wrinkled upper eyelids? Do you feel you are having bags and dark circles under your eyes? Do you feel your eyes are making you appear tired and older? If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, you might be the candidate of some treatment to get rid of these signs. Eyes are the most prominent and most delicate part of body and unfortunately are the most prone to aging signs also. This is why most of the people look tired and older even in younger age only because of the sagginess and wrinkles on eyelids and want to get rid of such signs. Although there are various treatments for this purpose, eyelid surgery is the perfect and the most effective solution to this problem. This procedure can improve your eyes to more beautiful and more attractive ones and make them more prominent and catchy.

Eyelid surgery – or blepharoplasty – is the surgical procedure that is performed on either one of the eyelids – lower eyelid surgery for lower eyelids and upper eyelid surgery for upper eyelids – or is performed on both upper and lower eyelids known as double eyelid surgery. This surgery is recommended for the people having droopiness and wrinkles on the upper eyelids or fine lines and surplus fat deposits below the lower eyelids. During the surgery, excessive skin on the eyelids is removed and fat deposits are either removed or repositioned to give eyes more youthful look.

Eyelid surgery can greatly affect the appearance of your eyes by making alterations in your eyelids. It not only improves the physical appearance of your eyes but bring positive change in your whole body’s beauty and appearance. It can make you appear more beautiful and attractive by making following alterations.

The first thing that eyelid surgery does for you is it removes the wrinkles on the eyelids. Wrinkles on the eyelids make your eyes appear unattractive and older. Eyelid surgery not only lifts the eyelids but also removes the wrinkles on them that luckily increases their attractiveness. Your eyes not only appear prominent but also the eyelids become fair and smooth as the result of surgery. Another improvement in your eyes as a result of the procedure is that they appear larger. Removal of excessive skin on upper eyelids and clearing edges of eyelids make eyes larger. This gives a catchy look to not only the eyes but whole face. Eyelid surgery does not result in short term changes but brings permanent improvement to the eyes and face. The procedure does so by making following alterations.

  • Removes excess fat on upper eyelids.
  • Removes excessive saggy skin on the upper eyelids that also improves vision to some extent.
  • Removes eye bags and dark circles under the eyes by removing excessive fat.
  • Removes the droopiness of lower eyelids.
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