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Tips to Find Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Abu Dhabi

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Tips to Find Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Abu Dhabi

The strategic importance of the nose in the features of the face and the complexity of successful rhinoplasty makes the procedure the most difficult in the realm of cosmetic surgery. However this article will guide you on how to get the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Abu Dhabi. Simply follow the pointers outlined below and there won’t be much margin where you can go wrong:

  • Investigate the surgeon’s credentials- Legitimate surgeons always have their degree certification license to practice and it’s your duty to check his/her credentials for plastic surgery in this case. However not all practicing surgeons have gone through the extensive training that makes them a Board Certified surgeon. If you want a safe procedure and place your trust and body in the hands of a skilled practitioner you have the right to see that the surgeon is skilled in both the cosmetic and functional aspects of surgery.
  • Choose a surgeon who is skilled in rhinoplasty- Rhinoplasty, being the difficult procedure that it is cannot be properly conducted by all ENT or body surgeons. Only those who routinely carry out nasal surgery and are extensively skilled in the field can deliver and predict the results that you can be expecting. Remember to inquire about your surgeon’s practical history in respect to rhinoplasty.
  • Look at the surgeon’s before and after Rhinoplasty photos- Surgeons who are confidently practicing their skill always have a record of their past works which is equally beneficial to potential customers and the doctor themselves. Look to see if your surgeon has a website or a portfolio of their past works so you can see their examples of past procedures as well as find out which one his/her past customers had a nose like yours and what results were delivered.
  • Ask about predicted results- In the first consultation with your plastic surgeon, he/she will analayze your condition, medical history and expectations. If you are a proper candidate, the surgeon will outline their plan of action and predict how your nose will look after surgery. Some doctors would use computer simulated designs or sketching to give you an idea of what should you be expecting. If not, then it is your right to confirm that from them.
  • The initial consultation– Whether the surgery is elective or constructive, the first consultation with the surgeon is one of immense importance. It is in this visit that the patient’s condition, candidacy, medical history and expectations are analyzed. On top of that, the surgeon will build an analysis, a plan of treatment and a predictable result. During the initial consultation relevant information, alternative treatment, complication factors and concerns of the patient are addressed and dispensed as is the surgeon’s duty. Some of the lesser known surgeons out there usually settle for infomercials packed with little or meaningless information that may be misleading or compromising on the whole idea of a patient-surgeon pre-operative consultation. Practitioners who usually wish to wrap it up in an hour cannot be fulfilling all the duties such as nasal examinations, discussing possibilities and listening to the patient while attempting to visualize and simulate the expected results. In the initial consultation the relationship that is built on trust and communication develops between the surgeon and the patient. You should know if you are receiving the right treatment so as to entrust your body to a surgeon.
  • Word-of-mouth recommendation– There is nothing that guarantees the reputation and quality of a rhinoplasty surgeon as an endorsement through word-of-mouth. Friends or relatives who have undergone surgery can better explain in detail how good (or bad) a surgeon was even if they aren’t speaking in terms of results. Favorable manners, helpfulness, responsiveness and sensitivity to patient concerns, condition and expectations as well as post operative care are all indications that are transferred through word-of-mouth and say a lot about any medical practitioner. Over time various endorsements accumulated by the doctor increases potential patients’ reassurance and boosts reputation of accredited surgeons.
  • Published works– Several surgeons have contributed to scientific literature or are part of elite medical societies which bespeaks their worth, skill and experience in the field being globally approved. If you find a surgeon who has been renowned in such a manner, you can rest assured about many things and are more ready to trust them with your body.
  • Communication– Communication is another important aspect of getting the most out of your medical experience because it removes misunderstandings and help pave the way for a more cooperative and well meant procedure to culminate in more fruitful results. Ask yourself about how confident you feel with the service and dedication they provide. If your surgeon is willing to go the extra mile in accommodating your needs while being helpful in removing worries then you have found a keeper.
  • Patience/dedication– Patience is always a good quality and that would become apparent in the first consultation. A surgeon who takes their time in examining and working methodically in order to get everything right can rarely go wrong.
  • Follow your instincts– It is necessary to not sweat it and be calm and confident in yourself as you opt for rhinoplasty. Eventually your gut will tell you which doctor is best suited for you. By following the above pointers you will have ample instructions to find a surgeon who will match your expectations and ambitions. Communication is crucial and you have to be open to knowledge as well. After all, your surgeon is the expert. Once you got that down pat, it is only a matter of time until you find a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable.

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