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Fat Removal in Dubai

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure as compared to traditional fat removing procedures. But like any other surgical procedure, it requires a certain time period for recovery before you can enjoy the results of the treatment. A recovery period plays an important role in ensuring the successful results of the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will give you some tips to recover faster from liposuction. Here are few tips that are given by the surgeons to have a better recovery process.

It is recommended that you have something to do while you take rest after the surgery as it helps you in having a good time and not taking the stress. You can watch movies or sitcoms, read books or comics, or anything that does not involve lots of movement.

What is the Recovery Process like?

It is a great idea to understand that what can happen during the surgery and recovery process so you are well prepared for it. The procedure involves the creation of incisions in the target area. The fat is dislodged and suctioned out with a small cannula. The procedure can affect your body in some ways which require a recovery period to heal.

  • The treatment area will be swollen following the surgery
  • The treated area is likely to be bruised and sore after the surgery
  • Any other complications are rare but you should still discuss all potential risks with your plastic surgeon.

Tips for Better Recovery

The instructions will be given by your plastic surgeon according to your condition which helps you in efficient recovery. Here are few instructions you must follow to make the recovery process faster and easier.

  • You will be given a compression garment to wear according to the treated area. This compression will help you in controlling the swelling.
  • You should follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon about your movements. You will be sore but you should start walking to improve blood circulation
  • Massaging the treatment area might help you.
  • Ice packs help in reducing the discomfort and pain.
  • You should understand that every individual has a different healing pattern so don’t worry about the swelling and bruises. They will disappear after some time.

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Liposuction is an effective technique for fat removal that helps in improving the contours and definition of the certain body area. If you need to learn about liposuction procedures, you can talk to one of our body contouring surgeons at our clinic. Fill in the given form to get a free consultation.

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