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Tips for Avoiding an Unnatural Overdone Lip Augmentation

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Overdone Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation has become one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This is because full lips make your smile attractive and enhance your entire facial appearance. This is the reason that many women are opting for having lip fillers to improve the definition and volume of their lips. Full mouth no doubt can be appealing but a trout pout is not. This only happens when you get your lips overdone. So, if you want to have natural looking results from lip augmentation, then following some important tips may help you.

Seek an Experienced Practitioner:

The success of the results of any cosmetic procedure is directly related to the expertise of plastic surgeon or practitioner. Lip augmentation using injectable fillers is considered a simple and easy procedure but in fact it is a technical procedure. Only an experienced practitioner can determine right quantity and sight for injecting fillers. Otherwise, you may get unnatural results.

Know Your Options:

Various options are available for enhancing lips. So, you should know about the pros and cons of every option so that you can select the most appropriate option for yourself. Every patient has his or her own goals, requirements and expectations. So, it is important to go for the one that is most suitable for you. Several types of lip fillers are available in the market. Collagen has been in use for long period of time but hyaluronic acid based fillers are considered more beneficial and give natural looking results.

Believe That Less is More:

For successful results of lip enhancement, believe that less is more. One good rule that you need to remember when enhancing your lips is that do not overdo them. You can have a follow up appointment to add volume. Reversing the lip injections may also be sometimes possible but it involves complications and it may be costly.

Below given are some other important tips that can provide you with natural looking results after lip augmentation.

  • Improving the definition of lips is an art, so the person injecting fillers in your lips must have sense of balance, aesthetics and symmetry.
  • All the lips are not the same and aesthetic goals of everyone are also not the same, so one should not follow the standard recipe for enhancing lips.
  • Success is there in natural looking results, so, get your lips enlarged enough to restore shape and fullness.
  • Upper lip should always be about 70 percent the size of lower lip because larger upper lip looks unnatural.
  • Only the middle of lip – 2/3 of lip – should be injected for natural appearance.
  • Avoid such fillers that cause lumps and bumps in the lips.
  • If you are considering fat transfer for improving your lips, have a right amount of fat.
  • Avoid having permanent fillers for natural looking results.

If you are ready to have lip augmentation, schedule a free consultation with our plastic surgeons by filling in the consultation form given on our website. You can also have free online consultation.

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