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Although you might not know what to expect in terms of recovery after going under the knife, you should be well prepared if you intend to have a fast, swift and complication-free recovery and results.

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It is ok to have the excitement of having a new look get to you; just do not let it consume you completely. This is because recovering plays a big part towards the final outcome of your procedure.

Your surgeon should be able to explain the recovery process to you in detail. This is for the main purpose of managing your recovery as well as managing your expectations.

For the surgeon to give a rough idea of what to expect after the procedure, he/she will have to check your health history both mental and physical, a physical exam as well as a comprehensive analysis of the body area of interest.

In addition to the above, he should also give you an entire picture of everything including the risks, side effects, possible complications as well as test you for any allergic reactions you might have with any form of medicine or anesthesia.

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Also, the surgeon should be able to tell you how long the downtime will be, the intensity level of the pain, bruising and swelling. All this information will help you map out your healing process, as well as be mentally prepared for it.

For a quick and safe recovery, follow these tips, in addition to talking to your doctor/surgeon. They will help you in the long run.

Recovery Tips :

  1. Since it is careless or rather impossible to wake up one morning and decide you want to undergo an invasive cosmetic procedure in Dubai, it is important to take care of yourself months before going under the knife. This means following a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding certain medications like aspirin, stopping smoking etc.
  2. Strictly follow your doctor’s recommendation after the procedure. This includes using only the medication he has prescribed you and not self-medicating. If the discomfort and pain are more than you anticipated, get back to your doctor for his assistance; do not do anything drastic by yourself.
  3. After a cosmetic surgery procedure, you should expect some down time. The period depends on the procedure itself. Either way, you should have someone at hand to help you around the house after leaving the hospital. This is because you will need him/her to help you with almost everything including getting to the bathroom, taking medications, ice compresses, feeding etc.
  4. Stick to having a balanced diet and enough liquids to help with the healing process as well as replenish you with the lost fluids. This is because, just in case you forgot, healing starts from the inside and it will also give you strength faster and sooner.
  5. Do not rush the healing process. Doing this will only disappoint you for no good reason. As I had mentioned earlier in a previous post, you will always look worse before getting better after undergoing a cosmetic procedure in Dubai. So lower down those expectations and let the healing process take its course. In addition, this will avoid unnecessary worry and stress which can lengthen recovery.
  6. Always keep going to your follow-up appointments with your surgeon. The first appointment should not come later than a week after your procedure. By keeping to this routine, the doctor will be able to know if anything goes wrong, change or remove your dressings and drains etc.
  7. After going under the knife for any kind of procedure, especially facelift in Dubai, you should protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Actually doctors insist on a sunblock that is not less than 14 SPF.
  8. Finally, after your cosmetic procedure in Dubai, you will need to rest, rest and rest. Do not engage in any activities or heavy lifting for at least 2 to 3 weeks after your surgery. Apparently, activities at this stage will increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which would in turn cause delayed bleeding. To fix this, you will need to go under the knife again, which would eventually prolong your recovery process.

For best and safe results, always have your cosmetic procedure done by one of the best doctors in Dubai, then afterwards, follow his/her recommendations to the letter; that is if you intend to have a quick, safe and hassle-free recovery.

For more information on any cosmetic procedures in Dubai, feel free to call us for a free consultation.

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