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Things You Must Know Before Fat Transfer

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We all want to achieve a perfectly shaped body with curves in just the right places. But how many of us actually have it? Well, none of us. Even with diet and exercise, we cannot choose the areas from which we want to lose fat. It happens gradually throughout the body. Fat transfer, also known as fat injection, is used to make your body look more proportionate by extracting fat from the problem areas and transferring it to the parts which need it the most; lips, breasts, hips etc. If you are planning to undergo Fat Transfer Dubai procedure, it is good to know these things before hand;

Fat transfer can enhance multiple body parts

Many people thing that fat transfer is only supposed to enhance the breasts but it’s not true. It can add fullness to multiple body parts, the most popular ones being lips, cheeks, butt and breasts.  It basically redistributes fat throughout your body and allows you to have a perfect figure or a fresh looking face.

Choosing the surgeon for fat transfer

It is probably the most important decision you will have to make for a fat transfer Dubai procedure. It’s important to consider ones who have extensive experience in the field. Look at the certifications, expertise, years of experience and of course the reviews. It will help you land on the right surgeon.

Prepare for your consultation

You must prepare for your initial consultation. Don’t go there with a blank mind.  You need to ask your surgeon what you can and cannot achieve with the fat transfer Dubai surgery. Ask for before and after photographs of the clients. Ask about the recovery phase and the duration of the final results. All these factors will prepare you well for the procedure.

Swelling and bruising is involved

There will be slight swelling and a little bit of bruising on the two areas of your body: the area where fat has been harvested and the area where it has been injected. It’s perfectly normal and the swelling will subside on its own within a few weeks, so will the bruising.

Recovery phase must be planned

The recovery phase depends on a couple of factors; from which part, fat is harvested, from which it is transferred to. The swelling period varies slightly depending on the body part. You can resume your daily activities 3 to 4 days after the treatment but you shouldn’t include any vigorous exercise and heavy weight lifting. Bear all these things in mind and take the days off from work accordingly.

Patience is an essential aspect

Even after the swelling and bruising goes away, it takes several weeks for you to see final results. You just have to patient and wait for the results. Your body takes a time to adjust to the new body proportions.

Results will last for years

Most people confuse the results of fat transfer Dubai with the fillers. However, there is a magnificent difference. The results of fillers last only for about a year at maximum. However, the results of fat transfer can last a lifetime if you follow the instructions of the surgeon.

The Safety is Unmatchable

The safety of the procedure is unmatchable. In this particular process, no foreign object is injected into your body. The only thing which is used is fat, which is extracted from your very own body.

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