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Things to Know About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Breasts Reconstruction things to know

Breast reconstruction surgery is the procedure that reconstructs the breasts to normal shape and size. However, before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery, it is important to know about all the important facts associated with the procedure. Information given below will help you know everything about breast reconstruction surgery.

  • It works for both mastectomy and lumpectomy: Breast reconstruction surgery is effective for restoring the normal shape and size of breasts for both mastectomy – complete removal of the breast – and lumpectomy – partial removal of a breast.
  • It does not clash with cancer treatment: The procedure does not interfere with cancer treatment, detection, and survival.
  • Immediate and delayed breast reconstruction: Breast reconstruction surgery has two types – immediate reconstruction and delayed reconstruction. Former type involves reconstructing breasts immediately after removal, which minimizes the healing and recovery time while in the latter type, breasts are reconstructed after some period of time. Not all women want to think about breast reconstruction surgery while coping with the diagnosis of cancer. It’s on your decision whether you want to undergo breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy or want to delay it.
  • Techniques used for breast reconstruction: The procedure can be done using two techniques – insertion of breast implants and using tissue flap. The former type of reconstruction involves the insertion of breast implant in the breast and in latter type woman’s body tissue and skin are used to reconstruct the breast.
  • The number of surgeries needed: For breast reconstruction, you may need to undergo more than one operation as it may be a multi-stage process. The surgeon will firstly apply tissue expander to slowly stretch the skin and muscles for the placement of implants. Then after some period of time implant is inserted.
  • Affect of the procedure on sensation: The reconstructive process will give you the shape of breasts back but it may not restore the same sensation.
  • Cost of the procedure: Breast reconstruction is a bit expensive procedure but as the procedure is done for a reconstructive purpose; its cost may be recovered by insurance.
  • Results of the procedure: The outcomes of the procedure are not the same for every patient. They may vary from patient to patient depending on various factors like patient’s requirements, general health and amount of breast tissue removed during mastectomy. The skin may reach a more sensitive stage with the passage of time but it can’t be exactly the same. This is something, you need to discuss with your surgeon.

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