Things That Won’t Happen in Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breasts are an important figurative feature of woman’s body and this is why the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure is the one that is performed on breasts. Breast augmentation is the procedure that has proved to be an effective option for women having small and undeveloped breasts and is most popular among all the procedures. No doubt, this procedure is very common but still there are some things that it can’t do for you and they are important for you to know before going for the procedure.

Here we will learn about those things that do not happen in breast augmentation but before that we want to tell you how breast enlargement can help you.

Who can undergo Breast Augmentation?

Everybody knows that breast enhancement is done mostly by inserting implants in the breasts. The purpose of these implants is to give volume to the breasts. Breast enhancement can address various conditions and you can be a candidate for the procedure if you want;

  • To enhance the size of naturally small or under developed breasts.
  • To improve the breasts, which have lost size after pregnancy or weight loss.
  • To make your breasts proportioned to the rest of your figure.
  • To correct the size of asymmetrical breasts.

Things Breast Augmentation Can’t Do

Now let’s come to the issues that breast augmentation can’t address. It can’t correct drooping breasts. If you want to give fuller look to your breasts and want to lift them as well then you should go for a combination of breast lift with breast augmentation. The main reason behind drooping breasts is actually the excessive skin of the breasts and it can’t be corrected by inserting implants in them. This is why breast lift surgery is performed in which excessive skin of the breasts is removed giving them more youthful and firmer look.

When it comes to deciding the time for performing breast lift in combination with breast enlargement, it can be done at the same time or after the breast augmentation has been performed. Your surgeon can guide you better in this regard whether you should have breast lift at the same time as breast enlargement or as a separate surgery.

Factors to be considered

Before undergoing the procedure of breast enhancement there are some factors that need to be considered. These factors are given below.

  • Breast augmentation can’t guarantee the changes that may occur in future after the procedure due to weight gain, weight loss or aging.
  • The changes that can occur after the surgery can’t also be predicted at the time of surgery. You may require an additional surgery for removal or replacement of implant in case if it leaks, wrinkles, ruptures or changes shape.


In short, breast augmentation is a perfect procedure to enhance your breasts but you should have realistic expectations from the procedure. It cannot help to improve your droopy breasts and you should go for it after knowing about the things it can or can’t do for you. It is only possible when you have all the knowledge about the treatment. You can consult with our surgeons for complete guidance and effective treatment. So, book a free initial consultation with our surgeons by filling the form given below and they would love to help you out.