Thigh lift Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss

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Thigh lift Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss

A cosmetic procedure performed to tighten the skin and remove excess fat if possible from the thighs is called Thighopalsty or simply a Thigh Lift cosmetic surgery. Thigh lift’s most common patients are those who have undergone massive weight loss or seek to perform extensive liposuction around the thighs resulting in sagging and loose skin that is both aesthetically and functionally irritating. Thigh lifts can be divided into two distinct types; inner and outer thigh lift.


A number of variables dictate a person’s eligibility to undergo this form of cosmetic surgery. having realistic expectations is one such criteria whereas those who are preferably closest to their healthy weight are ideal candidates.  Being both physically and mentally stable and not suffering from complex diseases that may interfere with the treatment and healing process is determined through a physical exam. But in brief; the following three criteria makes a patient a good candidate for the thigh lift procedure.

  • Loss of elasticity and sagging skin around the inside and outside of their thighs.
  • Extensive weight loss causing droopiness in tone and excessiveness skin on the thighs.
  • Folds of skin and fat around the inner and outer thighs.

The Procedure

In the thigh lift, skin is tightened around the inner and/or outer thigh that is visibly sagging while excess skin can be excised. Combined liposuction for some patients allows for contouring of the legs and improving skin tone. Common results from this procedure are shapely sculpted legs for both men and women. A patient who has undergone extensive weight loss will have excess skin hanging around the thighs regardless of age (younger patients retain more skin elasticity) hence becomes the most sought after patient for thigh lift by surgeons.

Importance of Consultation

In a pre-operative consultation with a certified, trained and skilled cosmetic surgeon the patient will get to understand everything about the procedure, preparing for it and relative factors such as complications and benefits. Pre-operative prepping for surgery is advised by the surgeon and if you are willing to undertake the surgery then it best to follow those instructions as well as those given for post-operative recovery. This ensures that the operation happens as smoothly as possible and the chances of possible complications happening are minimized immensely.

In the pre-operative consultation the surgeon will outline the procedure and answer all of your concerns while enlightening you with anything you need to know particular to your lifestyle, desires and biological anatomy. If you are onto any over-the-counter prescriptions, are already being treated for anything or have a change in lifestyle coming up soon; be sure to communicate that with your surgeon since it influences the decisions and actions to be taken for, before and after cosmetic surgery. the pre-consultation is a chance for the patient to develop a bond with their surgeon and communication is the key to successful and desirable results.

Free Consultation

If you have questions and are considering a thigh lift cosmetic surgery after weight loss then now would be the best time to talk to an expert. Book your consultation completely free of cost with one of our specialists simply by sending in your basic information in an easy online form.

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