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The top Cosmetic Surgery Treatments for Men

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic surgery is no longer the choice of women and celebrities only and there is a growing trend of men in UAE – especially Dubai – opting for cosmetic surgery procedures. According to new figures and statistics, men are now as worried about their aesthetic appearance as women are. Cosmetic surgeons say that the number of their male clients is continuously increasing. In UAE, 15% of cosmetic surgeries are performed on men. Here we will discuss the top most common cosmetic surgery treatments performed on men.

Both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming popular among men. Men are mostly concerned about the appearance of their nose, eyelids and face and neck. When it comes to body contouring, most of the men are bothered about their abdomen and waist area and enlarged breasts – known as gynecomastia. Hair transplant surgery is also gaining popularity in men. The non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures that are popular in men include Botox and filler injections and laser hair removal in Dubai.


Nose is an important facial feature for men as a proportionate nose greatly improves their facial looks. Rhinoplasty – most commonly known as nose surgery – is one of the most demanded cosmetic surgery in men. Many men who are either unhappy with the natural appearance of their nose or have broken their nose in some accident or while playing sports can opt for rhinoplasty. The procedure generally takes about two hours and requires some time for recovery but the final results are excellent.

Eyelid surgery:

Eyes are an important facial feature not only for women but for men also. This is the reason that eyelid surgery – medically known as blepharoplasty – is becoming popular in men. It results in more youthful, attractive and alert eyes. Eyelid surgery aims at improving the visible signs of aging on upper and lower eyelids. It removes the puffiness, wrinkles, and droopiness on upper eyelids and fine lines and bags under the eyes.

Facelift surgery:

The number of men opting for facial rejuvenation to look and feel younger is continuously increasing in UAE. This is the reason that facelift surgery is one of the frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures on men. Facelift surgery rejuvenates the face by removing aging signs like visible lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of fat. Facelift surgery can be performed using various techniques and advanced techniques are less invasive requiring small incisions and less time for recovery.

Male breast reduction surgery:

Male breast enlargement – also known as gynecomastia – is a common condition in men these days that involves enlargement of breast tissues. Male breast reduction surgery can effectively resolve this condition. Two methods are mainly used for the procedure – liposuction technique and excision technique. Liposuction is performed on those men who have excess breast tissues only while excision technique is suitable for men who have sagging skin also as incisions are made in this technique to remove excess skin and fat both.


Most of the men who are bothered about their body contours but weight loss methods, dieting and exercise are of no use often go for the procedure of liposuction to get rid of unwanted stubborn fat on localized areas of the body. Liposuction can be performed using a variety of techniques including both invasive and minimal invasive. Liposuction can effectively treat both substantial areas like abdomen and small areas like neck and chin.

Hair transplant:

Severe hair loss or baldness is the most common condition in men. Receding hairline leading to baldness is a frustrating condition for all those men who suffer from it. Hair transplant surgery is a super effective and permanent solution that gives natural looking results to this problem. So, it is considered the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed on men in UAE.

Botox injections and dermal fillers:

Men do not get Botox to plump up their lips but Botox injections and dermal fillers are popular in men for removal of expression lines including forehead lines and crow’s feet and fine lines and wrinkles on other facial areas. These treatments are easy, quick and risk-free treatments to get youthful skin with immediate results.

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