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The Principles for Successful Liposuction

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How Liposuction Works

Liposuction is considered a safe procedure for removal of excess fat deposits which can be performed on several body areas, not just the abdomen. It can be effectively used to remove excess fat from chin and cheeks. There are no risks associated with the liposuction surgery, but a cosmetic surgical procedure is a major concern. Here are five principles that lead to successful outcomes of a liposuction surgery.

Preoperative Consultation

Planning is an important part of the surgery. Your surgeon needs your involvement in designing the treatment plan for you. Your surgeon will explain the treatment procedure to you. You can raise your concerns and share everything you feel uncomfortable about so he/she can make it right for you. You must not forget any medical detail, tell if there is anything your body is allergic to.

Another key element of preoperative consultation is the evaluation of results. Your surgeon should help you understand the possible outcomes so you have realistic expectations from the liposuction surgery. You should also understand that it is not weight loss treatment, you will have to maintain your weight and body by making appropriate changes to your lifestyle.

Safety During The Procedure

You should understand the procedure in detail so you are aware of the treatment you are undergoing. Ask your doctor about what type of anesthesia he/she has chosen for your procedure.

The choice of anesthesia depends upon the amount of fat that needs to be removed. If a small amount of fat needs to be removed, your surgeon might choose to perform the surgery with local anesthesia. However, your surgeon will require general anesthesia administration for the surgery if there is a large amount of fat to remove.

Solution for Fat Melting

Your surgeon is going to choose an appropriate wetting solution that helps in melting fat. Advanced techniques and solutions have developed through which larger amount of fat is melted and suctioned out safely and the results are amazing as well. The expertise of your surgeon is required to monitor the fluid status of the patient.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Complications

Your surgeon will plan the treatment in a way which reduces the risk of every possible complication during or after the procedure. It is important that you speak up in the consultation. The sequence of processes in the procedure is also very important in a liposuction surgery. Your surgeon will make the most appropriate sequence in which every step would complement the other. Most importantly, you will have to follow some measures given by your surgeon to prevent complications.

Postoperative Care

Your surgeon will give a comprehensive list of instructions to follow when you leave for home. You will be asked to wear compression garments for about 2 weeks after liposuction. You will be given medications to reduce discomfort. If there is any irregularity in the contours of the body, your surgeon will correct it after some time or at the same time depending upon your condition.

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