The Mummy Makeover: A Perfect Mother’s Day gift

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When you are pregnant, you probably would not expect your body’s skin to sag so much. But after giving birth, reality downs on you and you realise that in addition to stretch marks, almost all parts of your body are saggy.

This includes your stomach, your breasts and an amount of unwanted fatty deposits in some places you never knew you could accumulate fat.

After healing and feeling strong enough after childbirth, dieting and exercise are always recommended. Unfortunately, this only works for a few of us and the rest are left with an excess fatty stomach or breasts that have lost their perky youthful look due to breastfeeding your baby, which I might add, is a very important part of being a mother.

Fortunately, for those mums out there who would like to lift up their bodies a bit, after all is done, there is the Mummy Makeover. This is a combination of several procedureswhose goal is to restore your body to the pre-baby time.

Since most women respond to pregnancy body changes differently, the Mummy Makeover targets different body parts amongst different women. Most of the targeted areas in almost all mummies who go for this procedure are the breasts and the stomach, because these are the two areas which can never escape the change that comes with the gift of motherhood.

On the other hand, the targeted areas also depend on your specific aesthetic goals and what you want out of these procedures.

When you come to Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic for a Mummy Makeover, one of our board certified surgeons will go through the procedures involved with you step by step and with his help and after examination, you will decide which part of your body you want to makeover.

The most common procedures involved in a Mummy Makeover are:

Other additional procedures include face lift, Thigh lift, neck lift, back and flanks. This is why it is up to you to decide which part you would like made over to what or similar to what it was before baby/babies came along.

Piece of advice though; experts advise that you go for the Mummy Makeover after you are done having children.

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