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The Most Famous and Expensive Breast Implants of All Time

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Expensive Breast Implants

Every one of us is well aware of the fact that most of the Hollywood celebrities have been in obsession with cosmetic surgery since the times when cosmetic surgery was just a luxury and was commonplace among celebrities only .The most popular cosmetic procedure that a number of Hollywood celebrities have undergone is breast augmentation surgery. Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was not popular in common people and the secrets behind the attractiveness and beauty of celebrities appearing on our TV screens were not revealed. But now everyone knows that the secret behind their perfect looks and figures is the cosmetic surgery. Let’s know about the most famous and expensive breast implants of our most favorite Hollywood celebrities.


Angelina Julie:

Angelina-Jolie-Breast-SurgeryAngelina had a charming beauty and perfect body but she needed having breast augmentation surgery after undergoing double mastectomy. She underwent mastectomy – breast cancer surgery – after 87% of chance of developing breast cancer was traced. The approximate cost for her breast implants is $40,000.




Pamela Anderson:

Pamela had a natural curvy figure but she still underwent breast enhancement surgery and never denied it. Because of her enlarged breasts, her fame skyrocketed. In 1990, she had her first breast implants, which she got removed nine years after the surgery. Then in 2004, he had breast implants again. She spent $35,000 on her breast implants.




Anna Nicole Smith:

Anna Nicole smith opted for a double boob job – means she got two breast implants inserted in each breast. Not only her long blonde locks, bright smile and spunky personality but her enhanced breasts also opened the doors of success for her in Hollywood industry. The cost of her breast implants was approximately $33,000.




Heidi Montag:

Most of the stars and celebrities deny having plastic surgery procedures or try to cover up their plastic surgery procedures but Heidi Montag didn’t do that. She went fully public and shared her complete story with her fans. After the procedure, her bust size increased from small A cup to triple D. the cost of her breast implants was nearly $30,000.




Denise Richards:

Denise Richards is another Hollywood star who admitted undergoing breast augmentations with no shame. She had tiny boobs and underwent three breast augmentation procedures because she wanted to look more feminine and better. She had her first breast augmentation surgery when she was 19. After that, she underwent two surgeries more. The cost of her breast implants was about $25,000.



Kelly Rowland:

Kelly Rowland thought of having breast implants when she was 16 but she waited for ten years and underwent breast enhancement surgery in October 2007. She was very happy with the results of the procedure as she had natural looking, perfect breasts and she was honest about them too unlike lots of other celebrities. The approximate cost of her breast implants is $15,000.



Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson was flat-chested and it didn’t seem a big deal for her because she is natural beauty but unfortunately, it bothered her more than we thought. So, she decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. She selected having small implants that look very natural. Her breast implants cost approximately $15,000.



Nicole Kidman:

Previously Nicole Kidman had smaller breasts – almost flat chest – but now she is much more attractive than she was ever before. Having breast implants brought a big change in her figure and appearance but she never confirmed the rumors, this is because she didn’t need to as the difference in her bust size before and after the surgery is obvious. Her breasts are among the most famous breasts costing approximately $15,000.



Carmen Electra:

It’s been nearly a decade when Carmen Electra confirmed that she had breast augmentation. She admitted that she didn’t need having breast implants but the reasons behind her fame are her bigger bust, flawless body curves and winning smile. The breast augmentation she underwent increased her bust size from 32B to double D. the approximate cost of her breast implants is $10,000.



Salma Hayek:

After blasting on to Hollywood screen in from dusk till dawn, Salma became international superstar and her career remained gaining success. Her celebrity status has been evolved since she joined the industry and so was her physical appearance. Comparison between her earlier photos and the recent photos shows that her bust size has significantly improved. Initially, she was proud of her small breasts and she never felt embarrassed to show her cleavage but stardom brings great responsibility that made her get her bust size improved. So, she got breast implants to improve her bust size from C cup to D cup. Her curvaceous body greatly helped her along her path to fame. Her breast implants cost nearly $10,000.


There are a number of Hollywood celebrities who underwent breast augmentation surgery and had breast implants but above given are top ten most expensive and the most famous ones.
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