The Link Between Breast Size And Mental Health in Young Women

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Breast Size And Mental Health

Breasts are an important identifying and figurative feature of women’s body and every woman wants to have well-proportioned and correctly sized breasts. Many researches and studies prove that breasts have a significant impact on each and every aspect of women’s life including emotional, social and personal life. Studies find that having bigger or uneven breasts can lower self esteem and cause eating disorders. Excessively small breasts may also cause the same problems.

It is a normal consideration that most of the women like to have fuller breasts but it does not mean that same is the case with excessively large breasts. No doubt, fuller breasts make you appear more attractive but only if they are in proportion to your body contours otherwise not. In fact, excessively large breasts cause a number of problems including both physical and emotional. Similarly, asymmetrical breasts or extremely small or undeveloped breasts also cause physical and emotional issues.

Breasts are an important part of women’s body and mostly they get developed in early adolescence. This is the age when your breast size also affects your psychological or mental health. Women having normal growth in the breasts are happy with their physical appearance and are also satisfied emotionally. On the other hand if in this young age, women get over sized breasts, are asymmetrical or are not fully developed, it will not affect their aesthetic appearance but also the mental health which will be there with them whole life as it makes you cautious about your appearance.

According to a new study – published in journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery – the researchers proved that young women having asymmetrical or overlarge breasts showed more psychological or emotional risks as compared to the girls having normal breasts. The evaluation was done on women having ages between 12 and 21 years on the basis of series questions. The purpose of the research was to assess the well-being and emotional health of young women having abnormal size of breasts.

Cosmetic breast surgeries (or breast augmentation) are very popular among women and the factor that is considered an important reason behind having breast surgery aesthetic physical appearance. No doubt, these surgeries greatly improve your physical appearance but it is also a fact that it also improves your mental health by making you satisfied emotionally and boosting your confidence and self esteem. This is the reason that studies show that women who had aesthetic breast surgeries showed improvement in their psychological or emotional aspects of life also besides physical.

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