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The Four Proven Techniques Used by Rhinoplasty Surgeons Today

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Rhinoplasty is the procedure that is performed for two purposes – either to enhance the aesthetic appearance of nose or to correct the structural deformities to fix the breathing problems. Nose surgery is a complex and the most difficult cosmetic procedure and you should select highly experienced cosmetic surgeon for the procedure if you want to get desired successful results. Plastic surgeons have designed various techniques for the procedure depending on the patient’s needs and choices. Here is an overview of four proven techniques that plastic surgeons use for the procedure of rhinoplasty.

Closed nose surgery:

Closed nose surgery is the procedure in which incisions are made inside the nostrils where they are completely hidden. These incisions are made inside the rim of the nostrils and then changes are done in the nose. Your surgeon will separate the soft tissues inside the nose from underlying structure. If your nose is too large, part of nasal bone is carefully while on the other hand if it is too small, cartilage grafts are added. The cartilage grafts are mostly taken from ears, nose, bones or ribs. Artificial implants like silastic implants or human cartilage or tissue grafts can also be used. Splint and sometimes nasal packing is used to give extra support. The benefit of closed nose surgery is that there is no chance of any visible scarring. However, the surgeon can make the limited changes using this technique.

Open nose surgery:

In this procedure, surgeon makes a small incision across the nasal septum present between the nostrils. It makes it easy for him to lift the skin off the nasal tip and make changes in the cartilage and bone of nose. This is because the surgeon can visualize the inner structures of nose much better and the surgery gives more desirable results. The benefit of this technique is that better changes can be made but the only drawback is that it leaves a scar behind though it is virtually invisible.

Natural nose surgery:

Nose surgery in dubai has been performed for decades but the surgeons are continuously challenged to develop the techniques that give more natural looking results requiring less time. In the past, there have been lots of cases in which patients ended up with noses that are either overdone or are disproportionate to rest of the facial features. Today, rhinoplasties are designed for the purpose of reshaping and rearranging rather than eliminating them. This gives more natural looking results. Natural methods are best done by using open rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty:

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is beneficial for those people who want to enhance the appearance of their nose without going under the knife. Patients who select non-surgical rhinoplasty feel less pain and recover more quickly. Furthermore the cost of the procedure is also quite less. Mostly injectable fillers and botox injections are used to fill in the depressions on the nose bridge making it even. This treatment is also effective for those clients who didn’t get satisfactory results from previous nose job. The benefit of this technique is that it is non-surgical and involves minimal side effects but it can make minor changes only.

Above given all the rhinoplasty techniques are proven and most of the plastic surgeons use them but you should select highly experienced plastic surgeon as only he can select the best suitable technique for you.

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