The Changing Face of Michael Jackson

michael jackson

Michael Jackson lived a controversial and bittersweet life, but one thing that ironically remained constant was transformations in his facial appearance. Many stars and celebrities undergo plastic surgeries, but Michael Jackson always remained in the news because of his plastic surgeries. As a result of undergoing various cosmetic surgeries, Jackson got significant changes in his face. The most important cosmetic surgeries that he has undergone are rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery.

Here, you will come to know about the changes that occurred on his face due to cosmetic surgeries.

Timeline of Michael’s Transformations

In three decades – from 1971, when he was in his teens, to 2003, when he was in his thirties – Michael became utterly unrecognizable. In his childhood, Michael Jackson had a big nose, and he was teased by his father and brothers for having a big nose. Despite the fame and popularity that he started gaining from a young age, he became increasingly insecure about his facial looks. When he was eighteen, he hated his nose and acne-prone skin.

In 1979

Besides releasing his fifth solo album in 1979, he also took another important step: to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure. When he was eighteen, he underwent his first rhinoplasty after getting his nose broken in a dance rehearsal. It was the first step he took, and then dramatic facial transformations continued. In the years between 1981 and 1987, Jackson’s facial appearance changed dramatically, just like his popularity and fame. In 1989, Jackson appeared in front of his fans having a thinner nose, heavily-lined and changed eyes, and a prominent cleft chin. These changes were a result of rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. In 1991, Jackson released Dangerous and appeared with a significant change in his facial appearance, i.e., a lighter skin tone. In 1995, thirty-six years old, Michael Jackson was totally changed from the person he was just a decade before.

In 1997

Jackson came with another look – having longer and straightened hair with fuller lips. At this stage, Jackson was surely addicted to cosmetic surgery. He got a totally changed face by making changes in the appearance of eyes, lips, nose, and skin tone. But his focus was his nose, and it became an obsession for him. Then, in November 2001, Jackson had a permanently startled look due to a forehead lift or brow lift to create higher eyebrows.

In 2009

This legendary personality departed from this world in 2009. Besides Jackson’s popularity as a celebrity, his facial transformations were another unforgettable performance. He was the only celebrity who underwent several cosmetic surgeries so frequently. These surgeries were not merely improving his looks, but they changed his appearance and made him unrecognizable.

The Bottom Line

Michael Jackson’s life clearly shows how humans continuously try to look and feel their best. We would do anything to get rid of our physical insecurities like a big nose, droopy eyes, thin lips, dark skin tone, or anything. That’s what Michael did, even when he was loved by thousands of people all over the world. He was and is a music icon but his desperation to look perfect made him undergo many surgeries. If you are also not satisfied with your facial features and want to change their appearance, visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® today. We offer rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and many procedures that can transform your look. Fill in the consultation form given below to book an appointment with our surgeons.