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Brazilian Butt Lift

Everybody, who wants to be healthy and attractive, adds balanced diet and regular exercise in their regimen but still you may find some areas of your body cannot be shaped well. Having excess fat or sagginess on certain areas of body like abdomen and thighs is a quite common problem and solutions are also available. You may not have heard of someone undergoing surgery for enhancing buttocks but there are many women and even men who do so. Brazilian butt lift is a new but the most effective sexiest cosmetic surgery procedure that enhances the appearance of butts by improving their shape. If you think, you buttocks need improvement, you can also benefit from this surgery.

What is Brazilian butt lift surgery?

It is the surgical procedure that lifts up and enhances the roundness of your buttocks. Butt implant surgery in which implants are inserted in buttocks is also performed for enhancing buttocks but Brazilian butt lift differs from it. In this procedure your own body fat is used to give volume to the buttocks and enhance their shape – also known as fat transfer.

How Brazilian butt lift surgery is performed?

Brazilian butt lift is performed on outpatient basis and local anesthesia is used for it. Brazilian butt lift is basically a two-part process – the fat is first extracted from your body area having denser fat, which is then transferred to buttocks. The procedure of liposuction is used for harvesting fat. The most common areas of body from where fat is extracted are abdomen, thighs and flanks. The extracted fat is then processed and the purified fat is injected in buttocks in several sites with extremely small needles.

Recovery and results:

Brazilian buttock lift does not cause any severe side effects or complications but it does cause certain temporary side effects. Mostly, patients feel discomfort at the liposuction site. The side effects may include swelling and bruising. As extremely small incisions are made during surgery, there is nearly no scarring. Pain and discomfort can be reduced by following surgeon’s prescriptions and guidelines. Most of the patients usually notice the results immediately after surgery and require a week or two to return to work. During the recovery period, patient should avoid vigorous tasks and exercises and sitting for long periods.

Benefits of Brazilian butt lift:

There is a long list of benefits of Brazilian butt lift surgery, below mentioned are some of them.

  • It uses natural body fat tissues for enhancing buttocks and therefore reduces any risks of allergic reactions.
  • Besides enhancing butts, it also contours the body area from where fat is extracted.
  • Extremely small incisions are used for procedure, which reduces the risks of scarring.
  • The recovery time is less than traditional buttock lift.
  • It gives natural looking and smoother results.

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