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Deciding to have a cosmetic surgery procedure is not easy because you will live with it for many years to come or for the rest of your life. By having a procedure that has a successful outcome, your self-esteem will shoot through the roof making you a happier person.

On the other hand, if the end results are not what you intended, you will see it as a waste of money and time, not to mention low self confidence amongst other things.

In the UAE, the need for cosmetic surgery is on the increase partly due to the rise in people who combine their need for a nip and tuck with their vacation. The upsurge in medical tourism has also led to health experts warning and advising patients on how to seek out the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai.

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we are proud to say the cosmetic surgeons are among the best, with excellent skills and experience. No wonder patients from here and abroad make Dubai Cosmetic Surgery their first choice for any cosmetic procedure while they are in town.

What makes Dubai Cosmetic Surgery have some of the best surgeons in UAE?

Board Certification

One of the things that prove a cosmetic surgeon is really a cosmetic surgeon is his board certification. And at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, all our cosmetic surgeons are board certified, which is a very important indicator that he/she is trained in the particular field of practice. So if you are a patient, this should be the first thing you should request from your potential cosmetic surgeon.

Facility accreditation

After the reassurance that your potential cosmetic surgeon is board certified, the next thing you should look out for is the facility/clinic accreditation. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, all our cosmetic surgeons practice in the clinic, when it comes to minor office-based procedures. This is because our facility is accredited to do so; a good cosmetic surgeon would not put his/her patients in danger by operating in an unaccredited facility.

Hospital privileges

The cosmetic surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery would not be among the best if they did not have hospital privileges. This is because for a surgeon to be granted any privileges in a hospital, he/she has to be evaluated by the hospital review committees. And since the surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery have all these privileges, it means they are competent in their areas of expertise.


What makes the cosmetic surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery among the best is their wide range of experience. Since they are always performing the procedures they are best at regularly, it makes them better their best every time the procedure is done; and the good just keeps on getting better with them.

Follow-up care

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, the cosmetic surgeons do not do “just business”, because every procedure performed by them is personal. After the procedure has been accomplished and you have been released to go home, they will keep their tabs on you and your recovery for an entire year, before toning everything down. This after-care gives you (the patient) comfort knowing you can ask anything no matter how minute it is just for your comfort.

Surgeon reviews

Ever since the surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery start practicing at the clinic, the only thing that comes out of the patients mouths is how good they are, how great they look and how their lives have changed for the better. If that did not happen then these surgeons would be hanging somewhere at the back of the line.

That said and done, it is also important to mention that as a patient, you would need to spend quite a bit of time with your surgeon. So having a good rapport with him/her is very important. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, our cosmetic surgeons do not rush the patients through just because there is another patient waiting.

They take the time to have an emotional connection with you; to reassure them and make them feel comfortable and confident about their procedure of choice. And that’s what places the cosmetic surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery ahead of the pack.

For more information about Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, the surgeon and procedures, feel free to call at +971 4 3485575 for a free consultation.

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