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Botox is given the name of miracle drug of 21st century and the reason behind it is the immediate and the effective results it gives as wrinkle treatment. Botox treatment is effective for eradication of wrinkles as well as a number of other medical conditions but the main reason behind the popularity of botox is its results for wrinkle treatment.

Botox is in fact a toxin in its original form but its highly diluted small doses are used for treatment purposes. Botox is a muscle relaxer and it slows down the activity of muscles temporarily. This is why it is best suitable for the wrinkles and lines appearing on the face as a result of muscle movements. These lines mostly appear due to the facial expressions. Small doses of botox with the help of tiny needles are injected in the treatment area and botox works by relaxing the muscles.

Although botox treatment is suitable for all the people having age more than eighteen, it is considered best for young candidates as the wrinkles are not deep in young age and botox can help you in permanent eradication. Botox treatment is the most effective and non-invasive procedure for wrinkle removal but it lasts for several months and needs repetition.

When it comes to the treatment areas for botox injections, most of the people get confused. Following given are the most common treatment areas for botox injections. In each region few botox injections are administered and is considered single treatment area.

  • Forehead region:

Forehead region is the most common and the foremost facial area that gets wrinkles as result of worry, stress, other expressions and natural aging.

  • Glabellar region:

Lines in the Glabellar region are also known as elevens because they resemble the number eleven. They appear on the forehead between eye brows and become deep with the passage of time. These lines tend to show more noticeably as a result of frowning, concentrating and worrying.

  • Crow’s feet:

Lines that appear at the outer corners of eyes and extend towards hair line resembling the foot of a crow are called crow’s feet. Depending on the depth and severity of wrinkles, lines may not be noticeable when you are relaxed but become prominent when you smile or laugh.

Botox injections are most commonly used for above given regions and give perfect results but botox treatment can also be used for some other lines and wrinkles on the face.

  • Smile lines – appearing at the edges of nose and extend towards lips and become more visible while smiling
  • Smoker’s lines – vertical lines appearing around the lips and are prominent among smokers.
  • Marionette lines – lines extending from angles of mouth vertically down towards chin.

Above given are some general areas for botox treatment but only an experienced surgeon can suggest the areas and correct doses for botox treatment.

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