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Temporary ‘Vacation Breasts’ May be here in 2016

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Vacation Breasts

Breast augmentation surgery is the most frequently performed procedure these days. It is a surgical procedure in which implants are inserted in the breasts that enhances your breasts long lastingly till rupture or tissue scar occur. But have you ever wished to have bigger breasts for few days so that you can simply fit into your desired clothes on some important event of your life or did you ever wish to have a test drive before you opt for breast enlargement surgery. You might be thinking this all is impossible but fortunately it is becoming possible and you will be having temporary breast enlargement lasting for two to three weeks in 2016.
Thinking that breast augmentation surgery is totally a personal decision and one must not rush into, Dr. Norman Rowe who is a renowned plastic surgeon invents instant breast enlargement procedure that is a lunch time procedure. This procedure can add a little volume to your breasts temporarily before going under the knife. It can simply boost the size of your breasts without inserting implants in them.
The instabreast – instant breast enlargement – procedure is done by injecting saline solution in the breasts. This solution is then absorbed by the breast tissues and gives them volume. According to Dr. Norman Rowe, he also uses some additives but he has not revealed them yet. Hopefully, this procedure will be present in market by 2016 and women may become able to take benefit of it.
Insta breast lift is totally non-invasive and short procedure. You can expect going in your physician’s office and returning in less than an hour having fuller breasts. Generally the procedure requires about 15 to 20 minutes.
If we consider the results, the results of insta breast procedure last for twenty four hours. It is great but still Dr. Norman is working hard on vacation breasts and this procedure will in fact use some additives with saline solution. According to Dr. Norman these additives or chemical combinations are already in use in medical field. The outcomes of vacation breasts are expected to last for two to three weeks or so.
In short, now you can get enhance the size of your breasts for short period of time without going under the knife or requiring any time for recovery.

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