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Singer Katie Price Breasts

Singer Katie Price gifts herself breast reduction surgery for Christmas

Most of the women desire to get fuller breasts but not all the women are happy with large breasts. This happens in the case when bigger breasts affect you aesthetic appearance and become the reason of discomfort and pain. Fuller breasts no doubt look attractive but only if they are proportional to rest of your body contours. When it comes to physical discomfort, bigger and heavy breasts cause chronic neck, back and shoulder pain and irritation is also caused because of straps of bra supporting heavy breasts. An ideal method to get rid of all these situations is breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction is the procedure in which excessive breast tissues and skin is removed to give a contour to the breasts and reduce their size making them more proportional to the body. The procedure not only improves your external physical appearance but it also boosts your confidence and removes your cautiousness regarding your contours and appearance.

Breast augmentation is the most common and popular cosmetic procedure among celebrities and even normal women but here we will discuss about the celebrity who has undergone the procedure of breast reduction recently and says that she gifts herself the procedure for Christmas. Yes, singer Katie Price is that celebrity, who has undergone breast reduction surgery in Belgium few days ago as the gift for coming Christmas on 25th December, 2014. Though she looked fragile after she returned from the surgery but she happily admitted the fact and said it a gift for herself.

She was very much excited about undergoing the procedure that she tweeted her new shots while preparing for the surgery. Adding to this, she posted a series of selfies wearing t shirt giving the same message. Her t shirt read “Dear Santa, for Christmas I’d like…”. She was that much happy that she shared her excitement while she was in the bed in hospital. There are various cosmetic surgeries, Katie Price has undergone but breast reduction on Christmas is the most surprising one.

Katie Price has always been honest regarding cosmetic surgeries she has undergone and now once again she is really very honest when she has shared throwback photos of herself once again and admitted the fact of undergoing surgery.

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