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Significance of Neck Lift Surgery Consultation

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Neck Lift Surgery Consultation

Cosmetic surgery is an intricate process that is both revolutionary and contemporary in terms of science as well as art. A surgeon who performs a neck lift of a rhinoplasty for instance can be able to do that simply by studying the surgery and practicing it. However it takes more than that to be a proper plastic surgeon. We are all aware of small-time clinics sprouting all around us offering services such as hair transplant, skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing treatments and surgical procedures such as facelifts. But what these surgeons lack is a deeper understanding of human anatomical peculiarities, the varying differences between patients of different genetic structure and the experience to deal with possible complications and modifications in treatment to suit these minor differences. This post serves to demonstrate the significance of neck lift surgery consultation when it comes to choosing the surgeon; which patient

While going for cosmetic surgery, most people tend to look at the procedure in terms of cost and seem to believe that it is a regular medical procedure that is the same for everyone and anyone with a practice who has probably gone through the training required can be able to just follow all the necessary steps and give them a new face or a better contoured body. But the reality is typically far from that. Cosmetic surgery is an art that is fine tuned through years of training and experience that allow a professional to understand each patient’s desires, condition, biological setup, possible outcome as well as complications and operative parameters that are dictated by a host of variables.

Reasons for Consultation

Before a surgery takes place, the patient is advised to visit the surgeon for a pre-operative consultation. In this consultation the patient makes up their mind to choose the doctor for surgery or simply to get more information about what they need for surgery. The doctor on the other hand explains the surgical procedure – neck lift – and answers the patient’s questions, providing facts to help out the patient and recommending tips while outlining the method that is possible and most suitable. The surgeon also examines the patient, their lifestyle, their condition, desires and while answering their questions predicts a possible outcome of the said procedure is to take place. In the pre-operative evaluation, the aim is to set up a communication bond between surgeon and patient that allows the patient to express themselves better and allows the surgeon to better guide his/her patient.

This communication is of paramount importance since it allows the patient to grasp their facts and possibilities better while allowing for seamless recovery if the surgery takes place. Factors involved in a necklift for instance involve age, skin laxity factors, hereditary and healing variables. Other factors such as current medications, substance habits, diet, weight, mental stability, possible complications after a period from surgery, extent of surgery required. All these factors make cosmetic surgery a much more complicated process than medically necessary surgery. Every patient not only has their own definitions of looking better, but is also peculiar in their expectations, biological setup, physical anatomy, predispositions, lifestyle habits and overall health. Before the surgery is decided upon; the surgeon will outline the procedural steps and predict a possible outcome that he/she would not guarantee but would promise to work towards to the best of their intent and skills. The most professional and experienced doctor cannot guarantee perfect results. Since cosmetic surgery does not be spell perfection, it only makes one look better and hence feels better about themselves and their social life; it serves to improve the quality of life of the patient by improving self-esteem and self-perception. To have realistic expectations from surgery if you physically and mentally qualify for surgery is what the surgeon needs to know before operating on you.

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