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Should I Go For Beauty Makeup After Plastic Surgery?

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Proper planning is required when you are going to have a plastic surgery procedure. Choosing your doctor, the exact procedure to fulfill your requirements, recovery planning, and other important factors are important to consider in this planning. However, women also consider this aspect into their mind that when they will be able to apply makeup on their skin after getting a plastic procedure. Hence, you should find the best clinic to get your surgery done. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is considered as one of the top-rated clinics in Dubai to get best plastic surgery for the face.

According to experts, it depends on the procedure that you have got. For example, if you have got a facelift then you may wait for 7-10 days after the procedure to apply makeup, on the other hand, if you have got skin resurfacing then the time duration may differ.

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Why It Is Beneficial To Wait To Wear Makeup After A Facial Surgery

Makeup is not bad for your skin if you are good at selecting makeup quality. Hence, after getting a plastic surgery in Dubai, you should avoid makeup for a specific time period. You may wonder why you should wait. You have to do so because you will get incisions inside the treated area. When it comes to the care for these incisions, your surgeons will let you know the important steps. In the start, you should treat these areas as if you have wounds and they need healing. Wounds get infected when they are not properly treated. You need to consider same for these incisions. So, if you apply makeup on that area or even around it, you hinder the process of healing. Also, in this way, you are exposing your skin to the bacteria. Major discomfort may happen in that area. Also, you may get darken incisions, rashes, and scars in that area by the use of makeup. You must consult your doctor and keep in contact with him. Follow his instructions carefully to get best possible results. Your doctor will let you know after how long you can apply the makeup on the basis of the procedure that you have got.

5 Things To Know About Non-Surgical Body Sculpting


  • If you have gone through a facelift, 10-14 days are enough to wait for makeup.
  • After rhinoplasty, don’t apply pressure on your nose for as a minimum of 3 weeks. However, you may apply makeup on the rest of your face.
  • Avoid applying makeup for at least 12-14 days after getting a brow lift.

Important Note: Make it your routine to apply a quality sunblock on your skin as you need to keep your skin safe from the ultraviolet sun rays. According to experts, SPF 30 or higher is necessary.

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Well, you should schedule a prior consultation with your doctor to get a plastic surgery for beauty. During this session, you can also consult your concerns regarding makeup. What are you waiting for?? DCS is providing you the opportunity to get your consultation for FREE. Yes, we are not charging any amount for the initial session. All you need is to fill the following form and one of our experts will get back to you. Go ahead, fill the form, and book your appointment!

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