Should I Go For Beauty Makeup After Plastic Surgery?

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Proper planning is the key to having successful plastic surgery. From choosing your doctor to picking the right procedure for your requirements for recovery planning, all must be carefully considered before going under the knife. Similarly, treatment after the procedure is also crucial. After all, the results are permanent in nature. A successful procedure gives you the look you always wanted.

However, for a lot of the ladies seeking the surgery, the pre and post-treatment expectations are not the only concerns. They are used to applying makeup to enhance their good looks and it is one of the chief concerns. “Can we apply makeup after the surgery?”, “How long will I need to weight?”, “Will my skin be able to take makeup?” Let’s dig in a little deeper to learn if it can be done.

The answer is Yes!

You can indeed use makeup after the procedure. How soon? That depends on the procedure and some other factors. For example, if you have got a facelift, wait for about ten days before applying any kind of makeup. On the other hand, if you had a rhinoplasty, the waiting period extends to three weeks or more, depending on your surgeon’s call.

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Why It Is Beneficial To Wait To Wear Makeup After A Facial Surgery

Good quality makeup is not bad for your skin. People apply it all the time without a problem. However, a plastic surgery is a major event for the skin, which leaves it very sensitive for a while. There are incisions made in the treated area that need to heal. In order for them to heal and the skin to get back to its normal condition, you will probably need to apply some sort of topical medication and may need an occasional change of dressings as well. Wounds can be infected if not properly treated.

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Makeup application in the treated area can hinder the healing process. It also adds the risk of exposing your skin to the bacteria. If applied too early, it can also lead to the darkening of incisions, rashes, and scars in the treated region. You must consult your doctor and keep in contact with him. Follow his instructions carefully to get the best possible results. Your doctor will let you know after how long you can apply the makeup on the basis of the procedure that you have got.

Avoid the sun for a while after the treatment. When you must go out, it is a good idea to apply a quality sunblock on your skin as you need to keep your skin safe from the ultraviolet sun rays. According to experts, SPF 30 or higher is necessary.

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The application of makeup in a normal situation does not harm your skin. However, when you go through a surgical cosmetic procedure, it is best to avoid it for a while. Your surgeon is the best guide in this matter. A little bit of care when it comes to makeup application post-treatment can help you achieve your desired looks without any skin troubles.

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