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Selfie Addiction Spurs Rise in Plastic Surgery

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Selfie Addiction

Nobody can deny the fact that plastic surgery procedures are gaining significant popularity for the last few years. The number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery is continuously rising. There are various factors that become the reason for rise in popularity and demand of cosmetic surgery. Social media is an important factor that has brought awareness about the results and benefits cosmetic procedures can provide. Most of all, it should not be the surprise for anyone that nowadays people are obsessed with taking selfies and point to notice is that most of them eventually seek plastic surgery to either enhance their physical appearance or retain their existing profile. Dissatisfaction with the appearance in selfies is one of the top reasons making them go for surgical enhancement.

Taking selfie is far more than just a means of capturing a moment for a number of people. Taking selfies become passion and then addiction with the passage of time. Ultimately this leads to picking up the flaws in physical appearance and seek something beneficial and supeer effective for their improvement. In this situation, plastic surgery becomes the ultimate source to cure their imperfections.

According to a report put forward by American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) nearly 33% of plastic surgeons receive the requests for cosmetic procedures from those people who just want to improve their selfie profiles. The most popular procedure is the rhinoplasty and the next most popular cosmetic procedures are hair transplant and eyelid surgery. They noted 10% rise in demand of nose surgeries, 7% in hair transplant and 6% in eyelid surgery in last two years. America is the hub of plastic surgery but not only in America, the same trend is being followed in UAE and rest of the countries also and selfies are becoming the reason for this rise demand of cosmetic surgery procedures. The reason that made it common for the people to arrive at doctor’s clinic and present their selfies to show the flaws in the appearance they desire to fix is rise of social media.

Most of the plastic surgeons associate rise in the popularity of plastic surgery with social media because they are noticing that social media apps are motivating people to undergo cosmetic procedures. Apps for istagram, snapshot and iPhone let users to prettify and glamorize the selfies. Most of the people think that getting an ultimate selfie plays the role of an investment in career and relationships. In short, selfies make them think well or bad about their appearance affecting important issues associated with their life.

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